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Cosmik Casino - Declined withdrawal without a reason and play problems


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shoyed New Zealand Message
Posted on January 6, 2015

I received this 3 days after I applied for a withdrawal of all my funds 400 euros ---In line with our Terms and Conditions regarding irregular play, we have declined your withdrawal request and cancelled your winnings.

These Terms and Conditions are available on our site.

Your last deposit has been credited to your account balance.

Should you have any questions please reply to this email.
I have had problems with this site from "time out" signs coming in the middle of roulette and void my game I lost 123 euros because of that .I complained and was told it must be my computer even when I said that if I press on the Time out sign I was taken back to the log in page and my play was started again the page I needed to be on was gone. I found the roulette changed and things that that happened made the playing of it almost impossible like 12 reds in a row and within 5 minites 9 reds came up I had the feeling the I was no longer playing just a machine so I decided to stop playing that site and tried to withdraw my funds @day later I was still waiting for an email I was told would come to arrive. it did not so I asked for an email address to send my required docs to an sent them 2MB of attachments and got back this- Automatic System Message, please do not reply ***

This is an automated message to inform you that your email was not accepted by our server for the following reason:

Total attachments size is bigger than 5 MB.

Please send your message again and remove some of the attachments, so the total size of your email will not exceed 5 MB.

You may also send each attachment on a separate email message.
Support Center: https:­//s­erv­ice.ca­llc­res­t.c­om/­sup­por­t/i­nde­x.p­hp?­/Co­nan­_Casino - I split the attachment up and received the same reply. so I sent it to the person who look into my complaint about the "time out" saga Jeff Edwards. As follows--Hi Jeff,

I tried to send to suppor­t@c­osm­ikc­asi­no.com and it was rejected so please could pass this on to the withdrawal team.

Please find attached the documents I think you require for withdrawals
from Cosmik 1060994 (400.00 Euros). Osiris 92213763 (100.00 Euros).
Please pay both to my credit card.
As I live with my daughter and she pays the house bills I don't have
utility bills in my name and I use my P O Box for all my mail.
A lot of the time I am away house and animal sitting for other people
when I not booked for that I stay with my Daughter
I do own a house and pay the water bills but its rented out and I have
never lived there.
I have enclosed the water bill for that house because it with all my
other mail goes to my P.O.Box as I put down when I joined your site
Also attached is a copy of my Passport, Drivers Licence, and Credit Card.
Jeff Edwards has already phoned me on my mobile so that should be verified.
I hope that is what you require.



The next day I received the rejection letter. I contacted the Casino and - Why was my Withdrawal declined and cancelled my winnings.
Angelo: Declined withdrawal. Irregular play, large bets/ doubling up.
Me: not good enough
Me: tell me where that is in the rules
Angelo: please open the general terms and conditions
Angelo: Fraudulent Activity and Irregular Play
Me: and show me where it happened
Me: and show me where it happened
Me: I thought this was a straight up site not a con
Me: Please ask Jeff to ring me
Angelo: ok
Angelo: i will inform him
Angelo: in the morning
Jeff Edwards is the VIP manager.
That brings us back to now.
Maurice Joyce

Posted on January 5, 2015

Hi Maurice,

We can see here that you were playing the Roulette Pro table, betting only on red/black. After a lost bet of €76 you tried to double up and apparently were disconnected when placing your bet. However, it's not possible to bet more than €100 on the Roulette Pro table. If you try to bet more than €100 on even chances, a window pops up informing you that the bet was not accepted, as you can see in the attached picture. It's most likely that you were disconnected at the same time this window popped up.

However, it is absolutely not the truth that you lost 123 Euros from being disconnected. As your game history clearly shows you had €321 in your account, bet €76 and ended up with a balance of €245. You then tried to place a bet of over €100, it wasn't accepted, you got disconnected and still had €245 in your account when you started playing again three minutes later. No money was lost.

You then go on and claim that after that issue playing was impossible due to red coming up 12 times in a row. First off, the actual sequence was: red, red, red, black, red, red, red, red, black, black, red, red.
Secondly, you neglected to mention that you actually won four of these bets.
Thirdly, a sequence like that is not at all uncommon in roulette. Our games are duly tested by established independent testing facilities and the test results are linked on our website. Your line "I was no longer playing just a machine" implies that the game was manipulated by someone in our casino against you, which is completely wrong and unjustifiable.

Lastly, your withdrawal was not approved as you breached clause 103 of our terms and conditions, which states that bets of 30% or more of the deposit are considered "irregular play". You've breached this clause on multiple occasions, including the aforementioned bet of €76.

Kind Regards,

Cosmik Support Team

Posted on January 6, 2015

We have received evidences clearly showing that player indeed breached the so called "30% bet rule" of the Cosmik Casino Terms&Conditions. Whether having such rule is fair or not is not subject of this complaint and that is why we consider this case as closed and resolved.