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Casinostugan - Declined payment of winning due to no history again!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Casinostugan
Reason Declined payment
Amount € 35
Posted on December 18, 2015

This is amazing! here´s nearly the same complain again but this time for Casinostugan!!

I deposited without any bonuses etc and playes a game and won so I could make a withdrawal. I then got an eamil that said that yhe withdrawal was declined due to no history of me playing in their system. They accused me för cheating with their system, servers etc and I couldnt believe my eyes and were chocked when I saw the mail!! Accusing me of "hacking" their system made me feel so bad and sorry! I checked it though and there were no history but I had not done anything to their servers etc. so its a false accusacion and a big mistake from them cause its their systenm that fails and not me that has created this issue.

They had put back my money in the account (30€) so I told them I will now play for the money and then check the history. I played and checked and there were nothing. (The playerpoints had increased though!!)

I begged them in several of mails to solve this but I got no answers at all! I want my winnings and it doesnt matter that it is only XXX cause this is a false accusement that I feel so bad about!

This time I tokk screenshots of every move I made in the gaming progress! From appprox. 35€ to 0€ so I had the prrof that their system is broke!

This is so sad that I, for the second time in just teo days, are accused for the same thing! Accusing me in person to manipulate my own gaminghistory on their servers! As you can see theres nothing in the histtory but you can see that the pointsmarker in the upper corner has gone from approx 200 to nearly 1400 points!

Its criminal behaviour from their side!

Posted on December 22, 2015


Any update regarding this complaint? Thank you.

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