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Dafabet Casino refuses to assist properly on a software glitch and to pay my winnings

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Disputed casino Dafabet Casino
Reason Software glitch
Posted on January 25, 2016

About 7.30 a.m. 16th Jan 2016, i was auto spinning playing great blue via https:­//m.da­fa8­88.c­om/en i won about few hundred and proceeded to play high king spinning about rm18-rm36 per spin and won up rm2525.39. i wanted to withdraw my winnings but the amount does not shows in the main wallet. I immediately message customer service to get help on the withdrawal but their dint understand and claim no such transaction so i took screenshots and email them. I was able to see balance in the game, lobby, or switching other games until about an hour the balance just go missing when customer services keep asking for the transaction id for the winnings which players are unable to check it in https:­//m.da­fa8­88.c­om/en. I had loss a lot of money pass few months in dafabet and i m so frustrated that they been asking me to wait till today for the small amount that i have won they refuses to pay claiming that is still under investigation. I really feel unfair for this please guide me how to claim winnings that i had really won in dafabet.

Posted on January 26, 2016

Can anyone guide me how to claim my winnings? so frustrated dafa customer service replying that the case still under investigation the same answer annoying answer for 10 days already... very huge disappointment dafa has given me

Posted on January 28, 2016

Please be informed that this matter has been escalated to Dafabet management.
An answer has been given directly to the player.

Best regards

Dafabet management

fb_1692902804326351 United States
Posted on January 28, 2016

Are you trying to say i m making false claim? Did u think before shooting this email to me Mr Dafabet Casino Manager?? After many years being loyal sticking to dafa and recently pass few months since september to december last year i was being super active losing all my salary about 8k-15k each month only recently cooling down this month depositing lower amount and you could dare shoot this unreasonable email to me that does not make sense at all? I probably could not provide enough evidence that it just happen like that at that time but i m very sure your staff and you your self are are aware that your site is not stable and knows that my betting and winnings was real if not you would already terminated my account for making a fraud claim and you wont give me the disgusting bonus of rm200 to shut me up making me a fool rolling it up x 10 to get it which is hard for me to do that.

Your worse reason you gave me that you still dare confidently tell me just now your http:/­/m.d­af­a88­ does not has any software glitch??? Dont you remember your first conversation with me your aware that the site is not stable yet and your technician is trying to improved it?? when is making so much minor lag on server problems crediting since your office has privately email selected players to bet via http:/­/m.d­af­a88­ and it not officially posted at your official dafa website??? and it also cause problem today that dafa just credited yuan 800 ++ to my mobilebet account so suddenly without me depositing which is a yuan currency and my account is a MRY currency??? Do you think we players dont know mobilebet has not problem with its server when we bet on it everyday to rely for the rm50 mobile bonus boost the next day?? what you think we are??? i wont be so piss off you if you dont give me this explanation that your http:/­/m.d­af­a88­ has no technical glitch or you telling me that your dafa casino software would not cause this problem because it was it very stable.

I m wasting my time talking with you because i do not want my relationship with dafa casino to be spoiled but you blew it up just like that without thinking overall. You really hurt a loyal player that really love dafa and hoping to be very comfortable in dafa till the end. Your decision that you blindly made is a very huge disappointment to me and my friends players in dafa especially one of my direct players that witness my betting and winnings.

MR DAFA CASINO MANAGER You and your staff are very clear that my winnings genuine but your server had issue as usual since first day that it fail to record my betting's that day so be a man and explained it your self to public.

Posted on January 30, 2016

AskGamblers Complaints Team has been provided with a detailed explanation on this case on behalf Dafabet Casino management as well as a copy of the complete correspondence between their brand and the software supplier, Playtech in this particular case. Based on all the details and evidence we got, we can confirm that:

a/ transactions reported by player as 'not credited' were not found on the game servers /including all existing platforms/ despite the extensive search conducted by Playtech team;

b/ no software glitches and / or missing funds transactions were found for the time stated by the player;

Although player's screenshots seem to be legit, there is no way to connect these screenshot with player's account in an indisputable and unambiguous way and since Playtech team cannot find any of these transactions, we believe that player's claim in this particular case is not valid. And since this case is considered from the AskGamblers Complaints Team as non-valid, the complaints is being rejected and officially closed.

In case of a disagreement with our decision we recommend player to forward this issue and request further assistance from the relevant licensing authority directly.

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