Cosmik Casino issued an unfair refund

Rossmario Pelayo United Kingdom
posted on November 22, 2014.

I came to play Live blackjack and there are two tables, one with a minimum of £5 and another with a minimum of £25. I managed to play on the £5 table and lost money until it closed(which I'm surprised about), I'm not a high roller so I do not deposit thousands but I was willing to risk a couple hundred on the £25 table and ending up winning. They did give me a refund on my last deposit as they declined my withdrawal for irregular play (can't bet more than 30% of original deposit) but they didn't refund me on the first couple of deposits for the irregular play that I had lost. I made 3 deposits of 25, 50 and 50.With each deposit I had broken the minimum bet rule which can clearly be seen in the bet history but was only refunded for the last one because I made money. I've been waiting almost 48 hours for a response to refund my other payments.

So main point is Verification Team is kind enough to refund only last payment even though I played "irregular" from my first deposit.

posted on November 25, 2014.

Hi Rossmario,

It's very unfortunate that your winnings of €125 were cut, but that doesn't entitle you to any refunds for previous deposits. This is due to that fact that such a system would be highly exploitable by players.

Kind Regards,

Cosmik Support Team