Cool Cat Lies Lies Lies

posted on August 23, 2010.

I won $2500.00 back on June 28th and cashed out. Finally July 7th it was approved and I believe the following week I received my first check. I have yet to receive my second check. All I get is lies and stories from them. "It will be sent out first of next week" then that comes and then it's "mid to end of the week"! Then it's "our finanace dept is really behind on payment" I finally asked them do you even have the money to pay me??? I mean you get to wonder after all this time. I check with them every day and all I get are these lame excuses. They don't even follow their own program "it takes 7 to 10 days to get it approved and then another to 10 days for it to be sent out"!!!! Oh and don't forget thats business days! My second payment was approved on July 27th it's been 18 business days since that approval. You know they was their money when you deposit and they get it so why can't they get on the ball and payout faster? It's getting very old and I believe they have buttons to push with these bogus statements they say!

Last Friday I was told "it will be sent this weekend" guess what NO PAYMENT!

posted on August 23, 2010.

Hi GG08,

Not sure what happened with your payout, the 1st payout went out fine, so I will check on the status of you payout right away. In the future please feel free to contact me should your payment be delayed.

Kind Regards,

Marty Davis

[email protected]

posted on January 4, 2011.

After few email sent to submitter of this complaint we didn't hear back, so this case will be closed and considered as solved.