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Cool Cat Castino - I won they won't pay

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Cool Cat Casino
Reason Declined payment
Posted on May 16, 2014

COOLCAT CASINO is using there bonuses to manipulate there players by sticky rules, and bonus coupons have stipulations mixed so good that only if you worked there you would understand. That way they avoid paying winning and money depositing players. I won a $16,000 jackpot on new years eve. on "naughty or nice slots". They let me believe i won it for six days straight asking me for information documents, and constant messages saying congratulation on your win assuring me that i will get paid ect. I never sleept in days wishing and waiting. They wrote and left messages while i was playing for fun. I only was asking for $10,000 out of it. I used a 300% no playthrough no max cashout to get it. I never used any other coupons or did i redeem any while waiting for my withdrawal approval after all this time. All the while they left the money in my withdrawable account this was over a week now. Then on saturday morning one week later i got a email with subject WITHDRAW NOT APPROVED...

Posted on January 13, 2011

Hi Robert,

Can you please send me your user name so that I can look into this...send it to me by email please.


Marty Davis

[email protected]

Posted on January 13, 2011

Hello Marty,

Our system has automatically forward player's ID when complaint has been submitted.

Sent time is: Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 2:01 AM (23 hours ago).

Please don't prolong the case by asking players to send their ID's, since you are getting them automatically after complaint is approved.

If you don't receive it, please check your Spam box, but since you are getting all other notifications, you should receive those as well.


Posted on January 13, 2011

Yes Mr. user name is mccafe55,but you already know that,because i have already recieved a reply.I am trying to be resonable here.I was going to deposite money and use anouther bonus until your manager "gifted my account" so he said.I went straight to my account and decided to play that $30 out ,and deposite,but while playing i hit that jackpot.There was no mention of any free chip,bonus or anthing like restrictions.I paid and used one coupon.Not multiple.I did not break any rules.Monika a,d others seemed to be all great about it,and then i got a email on saterday,after going through whatever i was asked and reqiured.Then i get a email saying "WITHDRAWL DENIED"...thats why i`m so adamitt about this.My funds were then removed,then put back? So i made anouther request and my emails were not bieng answered.I was told i made multiple coupons first.Then it was a free chip!! then it was "not my money" my god man wouldent you be feeling suspicious??

Posted on January 13, 2011

I do see your writing guidlines,and im not trying to make everyone hurt,but im hurt. I feel mislead,and i feel like a fool humiliated into thinking i would get what i won.Is that a crime?I was always a calm resonable person and played many casinos but this is like my worst nightmare.

Posted on January 13, 2011

please keep in mind,that if i was abusing your casino spending over$17000 back before asking for a withdrawl proves otherwise.I have been fair up to a point.Bud will fight for what i believe in thats for sure...

Posted on January 13, 2011

"COOLCAT" it is clear to see after all the proof i have posted is just a drop in the bucket.This site and all the other ones that i have posted my story have been awsome in the support of "fraud" and misleading unlawful tactics.New laws have been recently updated in both Canada and the US..I high increase in money is bieng spent to help prevent,and remove casino scams,and lottery malpractices.Along with all forms of "abuse" including misleading fixed casino scheams.

Please help support 'CATCH A SCAMMER" and help curb or stop internet crime and deception.

Thanks, Robert Simon

Posted on January 14, 2011

A casino recently wrote me and talked to me about this situation i have with coolcat and my big win ,and failure to agree on some kind of sulution,or at least a resonable sensible explanation as to why i feel i was played by there casino.I have wrote them back,and i hope to get a reply.I have been with them for years and they are independant from coolcat`s "group" This below is the letter,and i will repost the response if im allowed by the moderators of this site.This is a straightforward no bull question.

guys/gals of WP CASINO Thank you for your offers. Could you please take the time and kindly read this.It would mean alot thanks.Plus i will always consider depositing again in your casino.

.Just wanted to ask you a question,and please be honest with me.

If I was playing and paying in your casino,and say i used a chip with a no max no playthrough ,and when the money was almost gone,and your casino put a say free $30 in my account without my permission you just did it.(just saying hypothedically)If by a fat chance i won a $10,000 random jackpot.Would i be able to cash out ?,or would i be rejected because you gave me that chip.?I have played with you many times for both fun and for real,and because of a recent post i read on casino reviews.On casino reviews about this happening.The manager calles him up on the phone on new years eve while he had a active 300% bonus no max,no playthrough coupon that was almost gone but still active (not on 0).He was going to put anouther $30 min and use a new code for $250% no max no pl..The manager dident say on the phone it was a free code or he dident mention telling him that it had restrictions he dident even say how much!! He went straight to his games and it was a $30+a few cents He played and won!! which he did he hit a $17,000 dollar jackpot on "naughty or nice" slots while playing on that funded $30 on a .50 bet Wo but!!.He played back about $7000 all the while the amount stayed in his account under withdrawable.Then when he tryed to cash out they gave him the complete run around when he asked to cash out on $10,000 and refused to pay.

My question to you after having this said is ,this , please be honest.Would you pay this person the jackpot or anthing he cashed out? This casino refused him one cent and dragged him through hell leaving it in his account ,then putting it back,not answering request,ant the list goes on basically giving him the runaround for 6 days.His nerves are wrecked thinking he won $10,000 and thinking he would get it,with papers and ids and all kinds of excuses how they dident get it ,they cant read it,ect..then on the sixth day they sent him a email "withdraw denied" He is very upset and i cant blame him.So please tell me if that happened at your casino would you honer his winnings and pay him? This just happened at coolcat casino,and now they blocked his account and those of there group,that he was playing and paying for years.

Wishing you a great evening.

While playing with the thirty dollars min 300% no restriction chip, then the manager "funded in his account" and he won big but they wont pay!!

Yours truly, Robert Simon

Posted on January 14, 2011

Dear Mr.Davis,

Lets try as humans biengs to try to work together,you and myself to somehow work this situation out.I have calmed down,and opolagize for all the angry comments i made to you and your staff.I have dropped all my proceedings and negative comments.I hope that at least we can reach a resonable agreement to end all this.Its not just about me and yes i got self centered,but its the fight i got in me when i felt that i was bieng treated unfair.Its really only money omg it wont fix everthing .health and happyness is better.It was never my intention to bash all your staff because i know like with any operation theres comes headaches and bonus abusers and the list goes on.I have those same things going on over here.This whole thing is not all about that .I cant say your a bad or unfair man when i dont even know you.So i do herby apoligize to you and your staff now wheres my #@3%%[email protected]@# money ...just kidding lol. i needed that lol

Having all that said feels better for everyone,and maybe if i dident hit your jucy big jackpot i wouldent have got all out of shape, but who knows.Anyway consider everthing said and done,forgivein by me.I cant hold anymore anger inside or it will consume me.And i dont want to hold a grudge.All i would expect is that you respond to me in my private mail if you like here.Like i said if you dont want or think that i deserve that money,not much i can do,and its not worth all the hassell.

Yours truly , Robert Simon mccafe55

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