Cool Cat Casino - Withdrawal issues?!

posted on November 12, 2013.


when you start to withdraw, they said your winnings are void, they are big cheater or scam and people avoid to play on line.

Here the conversation with coolcat once request to withdraw.

I would like to file suit against these cheaters.

A site operator will be with you momentarily.

Hi! Thank you for using our LiveChat Service. This is 'Rob'. Please verify your Email and Phone Number while you wait.

sheiabdu55: XXXXXX­XXX­XXX­XXX­[email protected]­aho­


Rob: Hi welcome, thank you for confirming your information. How may I help you?

sheiabdu55: i have given withdraw request for wiretransfer for 1000$ when can i expidite

Rob: Allow me a moment to check on that, I'll be right back.

sheiabdu55: r u there

Rob: I am working on your request. Thank you for holding!

sheiabdu55: ok

Rob: Please keep in mind you are playing on a code that only allows Slots and Keno

Rob: According to your account you played Black Jack, Craps, Roulette and Bacarrat

Rob: That voids your winnings

Rob: Your $1000 are not cashable

sheiabdu55: i have won on slots

sheiabdu55: that was basket bull

Rob: But you can only play slots and you played 50% of your games on non allow games

Rob: As per code you can't player any other game besides slots and keno

sheiabdu55: listen i have played and won on slots which is basketbull

Rob: I understand that

Rob: But you also played Black Jack, Craps, Roulette and Bacarrat

Rob: Those games are not allowed

sheiabdu55: which i played on won cash

Rob: By playing those game you voided your winnings

Rob: But you can't play those game at any point

sheiabdu55: i need my money cash

sheiabdu55: after winning why u guys says llike that

sheiabdu55: most of winning on slots basket bull

sheiabdu55: go throught the history

Rob: Ok but you also played Black Jack, Craps, Roulette and Bacarrat. Those games are not allowed

Rob: If you have only played Slots it will be ok for you to cash out

Rob: But 50% of the game you played was on non allowed games

Rob: The bonus rules are clear

sheiabdu55: but nothing win on those games

Rob: Below you will find the bonus details.

Rob: Below you will find the bonus details.

Rob: 350% Match Bonus

Rob: Slots and Keno Only

Rob: No Playthrough

Rob: No Max Cash-Out

Rob: Redeem: WINTER350

Rob: Deposit $50 or More

sheiabdu55: yes i played slots and keno which it was allowed

sheiabdu55: and I won the game

Rob: The code say Slots and Keno only

Rob: Those are the only games you can play

sheiabdu55: so when can i expedite the payment

Rob: Your withdrawal will be deny

sheiabdu55: this is big cheating

Rob: And the funds removed from your account

Rob: Is the rules, the code is very clear Slots and keno only. Besides that we don't even offer bonuses for Craps, Roulette and Baccarrat that's also stated on the casino rules

sheiabdu55: hai i payed on which the game was allowed that is most of basketbull

Rob: You also won on black jack and that is not allow

sheiabdu55: ok remove the black jack what is the winning amount of slots?

Rob: That is not how it works, you played Black Jack, Craps, Roulette and Bacarrat. Those games are not allowed

Rob: That voids your winnings

sheiabdu55: ok remove the balck jack and roulette and bacarrat

Rob: •Unless otherwise stated, playing on the following restricted games while on a bonus will void any and all winnings generated: Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, Pontoon 21, War, Sic Bo and Pai Gow Poker

sheiabdu55: what about the slots which i ploayed

Rob: http:/­/ww­w.c­ool­cat­-ca­sin­o.c­om/­abo­ut/­rul­es.php

Rob: Unless otherwise stated, playing on the following restricted games while on a bonus will void any and all winnings generated: Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, Pontoon 21, War, Sic Bo and Pai Gow Poker

Rob: Those are the casino rules

sheiabdu55: what is the balance amount?

Rob: You agreed to them when the account was created

Rob: You don't have any balance to cash out

sheiabdu55: what is my deposit?

sheiabdu55: what is the game which i won on basketbull?>

Rob: You can't play those Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, Pontoon 21, War, Sic Bo and Pai Gow Poker

Rob: You played those

Rob: Your winnings are voided

sheiabdu55: you are saying the same thing

Rob: I wan to make sure you understand you can't cash out

Rob: Do you understand that?

sheiabdu55: when i enroll all the games are locked so i played on which the games are open especially slots

sheiabdu55: i am talking about withdraw u are teaching me..

sheiabdu55: basketbull is allowed or no?

sheiabdu55: is the basketbull in the slots or no?

Rob: The rules are clear and posted them above you agreed to those when the account was created also the bonus rules says SLOTS and KENO only!!!!

Rob: Yes it si

Rob: Is there anything else that I can help you with?

sheiabdu55: I won on basketbull

Rob: Ok.

Rob: Did you also played Craps, Roulette, Baccara and BlackJack?

Erick: Hello Mr. Abdullah, this is the casino manager

Erick: I will assist you

sheiabdu55: sir this morning i was played with 200$ with bonus

sheiabdu55: I won on basketbull above 900

sheiabdu55: i suppose to withdraw but ur people talking something

sheiabdu55: i afraid

Erick: I already checked your account

Erick: and this is what happened:

sheiabdu55: how much i won on basketbull slots

sheiabdu55: can u tall me

sheiabdu55: tell me

Erick: you played other games with a bonus that was for Slots and Keno only. Even if you won on a slot game, you will need to start again since playing other games as Roulette, Craps, Blackjack is not allowed at all

Erick: you made two deposits of $100 each

sheiabdu55: listen once i deposit all other games was locked and i played only slots

sheiabdu55: especially basketbull i played and won

Erick: yes..but still playing other games is not allowed

Erick: this is what is stated in our Rules in the website

Erick: •Unless otherwise stated, No Play/ No Max bonuses may only be used to play Slots, Keno, Bonus Bingo and Scratch Card games. All other casino games are prohibited and restricted. Playing a prohibited or restricted game while using a No Play No Max bonus will void any winning generated as a resulting from the use of a No Play No Max bonus. These terms are valid and applicable even after the playthrough requirement has been met.

sheiabdu55: so where is my winnning money on slots?

Erick: any winning will be voided, removed.

Erick: you cannot cashout from those winnings

sheiabdu55: hai listen i won the game from basketbull

sheiabdu55: what i have played on other game winning is void as per your rules

Erick: but this is what we will do: we will place back your first deposit of $100 in your account again. You can play with them and we can also add a bonus on top of it. Once you have played this $100 then we will put the second deposit back in your account so you can play it too

Erick: •If a player has used a No Play No Max bonus and has completed the playthrough requirement but proceeds to play a restricted or prohibited game, this will result in their winnings being voided. The rules of the bonus will continue to apply even after the playthrough requirement has been fulfiled.

sheiabdu55: i need all of my money

Erick: this is the link on the Rules where you can read those conditions:

Erick: http:/­/ww­w.c­ool­cat­-ca­sin­o.c­om/­abo­ut/­rul­es.php

sheiabdu55: i donot want your rules i know ur rules

sheiabdu55: iam asking as the your rules, i won the game of slots on basketbull

sheiabdu55: can you give the report of it

Erick: one moment please

sheiabdu55: i always go to vegas and hollywood casino. now i understand why people not trust on online game

Erick: you played 778 spins in Baskebull and won $410 on that game

sheiabdu55: so the withdrawble amount is 410$

Erick: no, you cannot withdraw any amount since you also played other games

sheiabdu55: so what are you going to do

Erick: the rule does not say you can cashout only what you win on the slot games

Erick: we will remove all the balance in your account

sheiabdu55: you run this casino for fun or money?

sheiabdu55: people won and make a tricky work

Erick: and will put back the first $100 of your first deposit so you can play again with it. I can add a bonus but you need to play only the games allowed on that bonus

sheiabdu55: i need 200$ WHICH I DEPOSIT TODAY


Erick: we will first put $100 for you to play with

Erick: once you have played this $100 then we will put the other $100 for you to play with

sheiabdu55: i ALREADY WON A GAME OF 1000 MORE

Erick: I will adjust your account now


Erick: I will remove the balance and the pending cashout, and will put back the first deposit of $100

Erick: so you can start playing again

sheiabdu55: I NEED MY 200$ BACK

Erick: you mean in your casino account?


Erick: you cannot withdraw any of your winnings

Erick: even more...remember that our bonuses are not cashable

Erick: so even if we approve the $1000, which we will not. then we will need to remove $700 of the two bonusese you took, leaving just $300 for you to cashout

Erick: remember that bonusese are not cashable


Erick: by putting your deposits again in your account and playing only the allowed games you have more chances to win more money

sheiabdu55: BRO i LOVE CASINIO

Erick: no..we cannot approve any winnings coming from these two deposits. Again, you played not allowed games


sheiabdu55: + 200 MY DEPOSIT

Erick: I will remove everything now and will credit the $100 again

sheiabdu55: FOR WHAt

sheiabdu55: you said 300$ for cash out

sheiabdu55: ok deal 300+ 200 = 500 cashout

sheiabdu55: please agree

Erick: no..that was just an example about the bonuses not being cashable

Erick: no..we cannot agree. I am sorry but you cannot cashout from these deposits

Erick: that is final

Erick: I already removed your balance and pending cashout

sheiabdu55: so what is the amount cashout?

Erick: I will now add the first $100 deposit. Would you like a bonus on top of it?

sheiabdu55: i have played 200$ 100+100$

Erick: yes...I will add $100 can play with it,...then I will add the other $100 once you have played the first $100

sheiabdu55: my total amount is 1098.32 (bonus 700) = 398 is the payment

Erick: cannot cashout anything. Your balance has been removed

sheiabdu55: are u there

Erick: I am here

Erick: I will now add the first $100 so you can start again. Would you like a bonus on this first $100 ?

sheiabdu55: add 200$ + bonus

Erick: I will do $100 first

Erick: with a bonus

sheiabdu55: this is not favour

Erick: once you have played this I will add the other $100

sheiabdu55: can you do onething can you give my money back

sheiabdu55: which i played today

Erick: one moment please

Erick: let me credit your account

Erick: all set

Erick: your account balance is

Erick: Playable Balance: $900.37

Erick: $200 from the deposits and $700 from the bonus

sheiabdu55: so i can play only slots

Erick: I wish you have good luck and be able to cashout

Erick: can only play slots or keno

Erick: nothing else

Look the above chat, so u guys know how the cheat the player.



posted on November 13, 2013.

Dear Player

I will look into this matter and will get back to you soon


Cindy Greco

posted on November 17, 2013.

Dear Player

I will be getting back to you accordingly on Monday


Cindy Greco

posted on November 18, 2013.

Dear Player

On 11/11/2013 1:32:20 PM you made a $100 deposit and redeemed bonus code WINTER350 which is a bonus to play Slots and Keno ONLY and requested a cashout of $200

On 11/11/2013 5:29:13 PM you made a another $100 deposit and redeemed redeemed bonus code WINTER350 which as mentioned above is to play Slots and keno ONLY and requested a $700 cashout

On 11/11/2013 6:18:09 PM you canceled your $200 cashout and immediately after at 11/11/2013 6:18:14 PM canceled your $700 cashout and continued playing with both balances.

Unfortunately you have played more than 50% in non allowed games and mixed bonuses which is not allowed, therefore your winnings were voided and deposits returned to your account for you to play again allowed games on 11/11/2013 7:17:04 PM.

Please keep in mind that as per Casino rules: http:/­/ww­w.c­ool­cat­-ca­sin­o.c­om/­abo­ut/­rul­es.php

"•Unless approved by management, Players cannot redeem additional coupons or promotional offers if they have a balance or pending cash-out. Promotional offers or coupons cannot be combined. If at any time this should occur, winnings will be void."


Cindy Greco

posted on November 21, 2013.

 Player played non allowed games with Slots and Keno only bonus! Winnings were voided and deposits credited back! We can't do nothing about not following the rules! Complaint solved!