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Cool Cat Casino - Waiting for $500 Withdrawal since September 24th

frantic63 Western Australia
Posted on 06 February 2019

Have been waiting for withdrawal initially 24th September but issue started back in July. A summarised timeline below of issues but not inclusive of all the contact I have had to make. Sana stopped replying to my emails and no one responds from help or support at all. Chat advises to come back in 48 hours each time I contact. Sadly no alternative but to make a complaint and take it as far as I can.

19.7.18 - Chat:Gordon: Confirms documents up to date and ok to withdraw
19.7.18 - Request btc withdrawl, send btc info to paymen­[email protected]­cas­ino­sup­por­tce­nte­ as requested
20.7.18 - Chat: Mathew: advises me payments claim no email received
20.7.18 - I send btc withdraw info again
23.7.18 - Email received from Sophie (payments) advising unable to update payment method as now they need all my documentation
29.7.18 - I Email all ID verification
31.8.18 - Email received from Kelly advising documents completed and I am verified and okay to withdraw
24.9.18 - Request withdrawal
25.9.18 - Email from payments requesting ID verification yet again through Hooyu
28.9.18 - Email from documents advising I am verified again
29.9.18 - Enquire with chat to ensure all ok, advised I need to send in documentation
29.9.18 - I email credit card authorization form and ID again
7.10.18 - Chat: Enquire re withdraw status, chat advises no btc info received. Must now provide 2 forms ID & photo holding newspaper with days date visible
7.10.18 - Email all documentation and all btc wallet info again to both payments and documents
11.10.18 - Email received btc withdrawal approved
16.10.18 - Email received from Mirja (casino support) advising credit card info verified (again)
24.10.18 - Chat: Matthew : Advises that payments have no btc info. I send email yet again, Matthew confirms they have received and will be posted in an hour
24.10.18 - Chat: Alicia : I enquire that all is done 6 hours later. It is not. Alicia advises to contact chat in a few hours
24.10.18 - Chat: Dominick : Confirms he can see in system btc address has been received, approved and posted. Says he has escalated payment
25.10.18 - Chat: Candace : I enquire re expected payment into my bitcoin wallet. Candace advise she can see no payment method in system. Tells me to send all info again
25.10.18 - I email all btc wallet info and ID again
30.10.18 - Chat: Jeffery : Withdrawal enquiry. Jeffery apologises for delay and says he has escalated payment.
1.11.18 - Chat: Ross r & Sana : I check all is ok. It is not. I am advised by Ross that although btc withdrawal was approved 11th October, they will now not pay me via bitcoin and Sana advises I need to send bank wire information
1.11.18 - I email all bank wire information
5.11.18 - Chat: Ross : I enquire if everything is ok. Ross advises delay in document processing and to contact again in 48 hours
7.11.18 - Chat: Alicia : Alicia advises they need bank details. I provide her with details via chat and send email to payments. Alicia confirms it has been prioritised for payment.
11.11.18 - Chat: Enquire re progress, chat advises bank details not received.
11.11.18 - I email bank details to payments yet again
11.11.18 - Chat: George : Advises me my payment has been escalated
11.11.18 - Email received from Sana asking for bank details to escalate payment
11.11.18 - Email sent to Sana with all details requested
12.11.18 - Email received from Sana asking for BSB (already provided) and currency (obviously AUD)
12.11.18 - I email information to Sana
14.11.18 - Email received from Sana asking if bank will accept deposit in usd
14.11.18 - I email Sana advising of course they do and query why I can not just get payment in bitcoin as initially approved
16.11.18 - I receive email from Sana advising process has taken too long and withdrawal has been reversed
16.11.18 - I request withdrawal again.
18.11.18 - Email received from Sana advising payment method has been updated
30.11.18 - Email received from Sana advising withdrawal approved and payment will be deposited within 10 business days
18.12.18 - I email Sana as no payment received and it's nearly Christmas. I beg to have an answer as I was relying on funds. I receive no response..
21.12.18 - I email Sana as still no funds and I am desperate now
21.12.18 - Chat: Matthew : Advised to come back to chat in 48 hours if money not in bank
24.12.18 - I email Sana to check on status but receive no reply
27.12.18 - Email received from Sana advising she will get back to me with an update after holidays
9.1.19 - Hearing nothing I email Sana Gill asking for an update status
12.1.19 - No response from Sana so I email again to ask for an update
14.1.19 - I email Sana yet again, thanking her for her time but advising I need to take it further - no response
26.1.19 - Chat: Jason: Advises payment escalated and to contact finance on Monday
Have had enough........
Have copies of all transcripts and emails. I'm sure everyone would agree I have been more than patient, and as my chat transcripts will show, polite, non abusive and compliant. Please deposit my funds of $500, 5 months is long enough. You have no problem taking my money?

Posted on 09 February 2019

Hi Irene--

I apologize for the difficulties you've been experiencing with this.

You'll be pleased to know that your withdrawal was sent to our processor, last week: 2/1 Paid $487.50 + $12.50 Service Fee for transaction #170895401. As our processor is affected by the Chinese New Year holidays, this is slightly delayed, but I would expect the funds to reach your account early this coming week.

All the best,


frantic63 Western Australia
Posted on 11 February 2019

Thank You Tawnie, I will give it until the end of week to hit my bank and post an update.

Posted on 14 February 2019

AskGamblers Complaints Team have been informed by the player via email that their complaint has been successfully resolved.

The case is being officially closed now.

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