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Cool Cat Casino Not willing to pay and closing my account

posted on July 16, 2014.

I have deposited over $1000 into Coolcat in the past month. I won on 3/8 and requested withdrawal of the $1000 the $650 was approved and I'm still waiting on the money. Now I just won $5400 in one slots tourny and $550 in another the same day - Tuesday 4/8. I had another withdraw request of $1150 still pending and put in for $2500 of the new winnings. I emailed them to inquire about the two previous ones, and when I logged back into my account all of my money was gone then I got an email stating my withdrawal requests were denied and they approved a manager to go in and take the rest of the money. When I inquired on this they said I mixed bonus' and played wrong games. No, I always only use one bonus at a time and play down to below $5.00 or request a withdrawal before using another. The coupon codes I used when I won the tournys and the last $1150 were Shark350 and Lucky350 or Lucky375 all 3 bonus' were match deposit bonus where I did a deposit, and they were all 3 no rules bonus'. I did the playthrough and when the money was in my "casha­ble­/wi­thr­awable" amount I then played the tournys, now they are disputing this and have closed my account. They owe me this money! I explained to Chris my VIP manager that I never played tables or tournys with the bonus amount, only my winnings and if you try to play a tourny or table game while on the bonus it doesn't let you. Now they are saying that because I played a couple hands of poker and craps - winning the money in the tournys it voids all winnings. How is this when the money I won is mine, not a bonus and the bonus was played through and on top of it a "no rules" bonus. Please help me it's now been 2 days since all of this happened and I still can't get into my account and haven't heard anything from their "investigation" OH and they also closed my account with their sister casino after I had just deposited $125 there too.

posted on April 15, 2014.


Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. I will check into it and get back to you tomorrow.


posted on April 17, 2014.

I received the check yesterday for the first payout request. I've been waiting a week to get back into my account and they kept saying they would allow me back in after a full review. I do understand now that I can't play table games once my playthrough is done but now they've completely closed my account with them and their sister casino and basically somehow blacklisted/banned me from all online casinos? I'm unable to play or deposit anywhere now which is complete crap as all I complained about was the issue of the slot tourney and I explained to them that I do now get it but to completely blacklist me is a pile of BS!!!!!! All my other accounts with other places are now affected . I didn't request any refunds back to my credit card nor did I do any charge backs. How can they have this power after a simple dispute?

posted on April 18, 2014.

Hi Jordanss,

You have a very complicated situation and before I respond in full, I just need to get a bit more clarification from management. I hope to have everything I need to give you all the answers, tomorrow.

I appreciate your patience,


posted on April 20, 2014.

I'm waiting to hear back on my blocked accounts for deposit an play with other casinos still. Apparently my dispute with Cool Cat and misunderstanding has reflected at many other places online.

posted on April 25, 2014.

Hi Jordanss,

I've dug deep into this and your dispute was not quite as 'simple' as you state it to be.

Yes, you have been banned from our group of casinos. You threatened us with chargebacks and when this occurs, it is standard procedure to lock accounts. You have already been notified of this and we do not share information, so there is no 'blacklist' which you speak of.

Now on to monies owed.

Because of your threatened chargebacks, we're refunding your deposits, which in fact, are greater than your winnings. These refunds go directly back on the cards you've used for making your deposits. This prevents you from following through with your threats of chargebacks.

Further, as you yourself pointed out, you did not follow the terms and conditions. On your previous winnings (prior to your chargeback threats), we issued you a check in the amount of $610, which you've already confirmed receipt of.

I don't believe at this point there is any further business to conclude on your behalf.



P.S. The delay in this response was due to technical issues on the web site.

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