Confused about BetPheonix Casino

posted on August 21, 2011.

i was played betpheonix casino one months before this is rival casino, i got bonus of 900% deposit of 50, and i played and won 500 , and i requested withdrawl of 500 and they removed all remaining balance couse their terms says that 10x deposit amount,

After that i revesed 50 from this 500 but didn't claim any bonus and played with this 50 and won again 600, but they didn't alow me to withdrawl this amount they removed this 600.when i enquire regarding this they replyed me iam in special terms and conditons, but thier terms and conditions shows that all reversel amount is treat as cash deposit.

i didn't know why they did this with me......i can't say betpheonix is black list casino.. couse they processed me all other withdrawl except this one.

also note that i claimed before many bonus reversing by withdrawl and they acecpted too. but i don't know why they teated me like this. iam so confused. can you help me if iam eligible to withdraw this money.