Winbig 21 Casino - Stalling my payments for over a month now

posted on May 18, 2015.

Hi, I won € 716 April 13, 2015 and to date 18 May, not yet received the payout. I respected all terms also because it is the first time that withdrawal from these.
All my complaints chatting constantly come teased, as tomorrow you will receive the payment instead nothing; or you'll have a lot of money quickly so constantly repeated for over a month.
Thank you hope to get the win. Thank you.
Attach screen cashier.

posted on May 23, 2015.

Any update considering your complaint; thank you?

posted on May 24, 2015.

Hi, any positive news, withdrawals are still pending. Now Win big21 proved not only unreliable, even treacherous, since some of the support, it took me around promising payment in a quick e-mail before depositing "if you trust me" in his words!
I would like to correct my first post, that it was written with the google translator, and there was a mistake: this withdrawal request is NOT the first to win big21, so no problem checking account.
Thank you.