Club Gold Casino - Giving me the runaround with verification

andreweee United Kingdom
posted on October 12, 2015.

I won with a no deposit bonus on your link to 60 pounds and 10 made a deposit in order to cash out your winnings. Casino demanded a copy of ID for verification of account, and I sent it to them. After that my account has been successfully verified in their casinos.
A few days later I received a payment of 70 pounds.

I was delighted and decided to play in their casino, made a deposit back on a total of 70 pounds and won the 400 gbp.

It has been 48 hours since the creation of cashing for payment, but nothing happened and I decided to contact support for information on my payment.

Then i attached the with their support and was very surprised:
Thank you, an operator will be with you shortly...
me: Hello, when you complete the process of cashing? You again delay payments. In the modern casino winnings paid to me very quickly. Why do not you render high quality service to their players?
Tony: You are now chatting with Tony
me: Hi Tony)
Tony: There is no delay.
me: 48 hours passed?
me: yes
me: no pay me?
me: why?
Tony: Your account is under investigation at the moment. Please resend your ID documents again.
me: My account has benn successfully verified, and then i received the payment.
me: I understand you are now specially tighten my payment?
me: Right now, i will create a complaint online affilate
me: I think you just do not want to pay :)
Tony: We need copy of your ID
Tony: We don't need copy of your passport.
me: I have sent you the documents for a long time and the were successfully verified.
Tony: We don't have copy of your ID.
me: If you do not like my documents, how could i get my payment? I have personally seen that my account has been succesfully verified, ad then received payment.
Tony: We still need copy of your ID. Not a passport.
me: How do you decide what can claim again after successful verification of documents and receipt of my payment?
me: You are the first casino where i see a boorish attitude to tha players
Tony: And you are the first person without ID.
Tony: If you don't send me copy of your ID i will close the casino account.
me: I'm happy right now will create a claim to your casino for the publick to understand this situation.
Thank you, an operator will be with you shortly...
me: I sent you a passport in perfect quality. Is not is ID?
Tony: You are now chatting with Tony
me: You personally have confirmed and verified.
me: I do not refuse to send each ID.
me: I'm just not clear on what basis you request re-verification?
Tony: You will have to send your ID.
me: None of the casino has no right to demand verification 2 times after successful payment!!!
me: Have you any idea what you're saying?

I beg you to help me get my money.

posted on October 16, 2015.

HI There, please send the documentation as requested in order to proceed with this matter. As stated in our terms we may request such documentation under Point 3.5. Our terms can be found here :https­://­­ubg­old­cas­­t/e­n/a­bou­t/terms

posted on October 19, 2015.

Did you send required documents to the casino support?