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Club Gold Casino - Casino will not pay out in full

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Club Gold Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 6000
Posted on July 15, 2014

Dear Sir, dear Madame,

I have an issue with the Club Gold Casino in Curacao - I won $37500 in January 2012, of which $14000 remains to be paid out. For the last three months I have been urging the casino to pay out the remaining funds but they simply tell me that they will pay at a later date. This of course never happens. (All my documents have been submitted to the casino and have been approved - there are no bonus issues or any other limitations such as wagering or risk requirements - the casino has always conceded that my winnings are legitimate and claimable - it is simply that they do everything in their power to avoid paying the remaining winnings).

Every time I try to use the online chat service the customer service personell state that a payment will be made at the end of the month and before I get a chance to respond they curtail the online chat without so much as a goodbye.

This has used immense amounts of time and energy and I think they use this tactic deliberately with the aim of coercing the customer to resign and not claim their winnings.

I would very much appreciate any assistance that you can give me in this matter?

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

< name removed >

Posted on October 30, 2012

Please be advised that we have investigated the matter.

The delay was due to a technical issue from one of our payment processors.

We kindly advise the player to register a new payment option such as Moneybookers/Skrill so that we can proceed immediately with processing her funds again.

Best regards


Posted on November 2, 2012

My response to the reply from the Club Gold Casino of 30th October 2012:

Dear Sir, dear Madame,

This is a serious matter which I refuse to allow to be dealt with in the fashion of the games that the Club Gold Casino is playing with me.

For the last 3 months I have been waiting for monthly payments of $5000, which according to the Club Gold´s own Terms and Conditions is the maximum which can be paid out per calender month. Instead I received $1500 in September 2012 and $20 in October 2012!

Up until September 2012 the casino has been giving me the following excuses for delayed or non-payments: 1 - Payment system broken down; 2 - New payment system being installed, 3 - Our payment system doesn´t work with your Visa card (following this I registered a new Mastercard with the casino); 4 - Our payment system doesn´t work with your Mastercard (following this I registered a new EcoCard with the casino); 5 - The delay was due to a technical issue from one of our payment processors.

In fact the aforementioned payments of $1500 (Sept. 2012) and $20 (Oct. 2012) were made by the casino on to my new EcoCard! So there is no reason why I would now have to register another new payment option such as Moneybookers or Skrill since the casino payment system works perfectly.

It is clear that the problem at the casino is NOT of technical nature but stems from a tactic of making excuses which are entirely fictional, with the aim of playing on the customers nerves in order that he/she resigns and forfeits their remaining winnings.

Therefore I am demanding the following from the Club Gold Casino:

#1 - An apology from the Management after, on numerous occasions, being "thrown out" of the Online Support chats in which I was stating my case politely, and also for the Club Gold Casino not keeping its own Terms and Conditions of payment.

#2 - IMMEDIATE payment (within 5 working days as of 2. Nov. 2012) of $5000 on to my recently registered and fully functional EcoCard!

#3 - Prompt payment of $5000 on to my EcoCard by 31st December 2012.

#4 - Prompt payment of $4000 on to my EcoCard by 31st January 2013, making a total of $14000 which is the value of the outstanding payment of winnings on 2nd November 2012.

#5 - No more excuses!

#6 - A written acknowledgement that the above payment schedule will be strictly adhered to.

Failing fulfilment of #2 action will be commenced according to the legal jurisdiction of the Club Gold Casino´s operating licence.

Yours faithfully,

< name removed >

Posted on November 2, 2012

From the comments compared to the actual complaint however it would seems that 2 different people are involved. This is security breach which we have raised to the player on previous occasions on her casino account.

In any case, please be advised that we have provided the best solution to the player in our previous comment. The sooner this is done the quicker this issue will be resolved.

Best regards


Posted on November 2, 2012

My response to the reply from the Club Gold Casino of 2nd November 2012:

Dear Sir, dear Madame,

For your information, there is only one person playing on the account number H5R71871922, namely the undersigned (< name removed >). Your claims of a security breach are baseless and obvious as another attempt to find an excuse not to pay the winnings legally and legitimately due to me. Please note: I am of Turkish original and can only speak some German and a little English. It is natural that I seek help for translations for the two aforementioned European languages, especially in English, since I want to provide information on the English based website about my experience, good and bad, from which other players can benefit.

Unfortunately, in the case of the Club Gold Casino I have encountered a company that fails to pay its winning players their full dues. And this is something that not only do I have a right to publish on the Internet, but the players and potential players also have the right to know, so they can make their own decisions as to whom they want to wager their money with.

As stated in my previous comment (2nd Nov. 2012), my new payment option of EcoCard ist registered and functioning.

The clock is ticking; now there are only 4 working days for the Club Gold Casino to make the stipulated payment of $5000 on to my EcoCard account.

Yours faithfully,

< name removed >

PS. I have recorded our past chat sessions with the Club Gold Casino and have the right to make these available on request or use them in any legal proceedings.

Posted on November 4, 2012

Please be advised that this complaint has been active for about 10 days now.

In our first response we provided the solution to payout the player which is ultimately the most important thing. If the player had followed our suggestion, we would already be processing the withdrawals.

Instead the player in question is pursuing to damage the image of the casino and more days go by.

The player has already been paid over half the amount won and in no instance has Club Gold mentioned that she will not get paid.

With regards to security breach it was mentioned not because of this complaint but also on previous occasions verify if it was the actual player or another family member who has been threatening us on telephone communications.

However since the player has confirmed that she is allowing other members to access her details we have never used this excuse to delay her payments.

Once again we have provided the solution to the player in order to start processing her payments immediately. Any further delay cannot at the fault of the casino.

The title of this complaint should also be changed for the reasons mentioned above and also because this looks like more an intention to damage the image of the casino rather than finding a solution.

Posted on November 6, 2012

Dear Sir, dear Madame,

Contrary to the Casino´s speculation, I would like to confirm that my SOLE interest is to retrieve the rest of my winnings that are due to me. The image of the Club Gold Casino, and damage thereof, depends on its own actions. A reputation, whether good or bad, is earned. In my case I won approx. $37500 in January 2012. But it is now November 2012 and $14000 is still outstanding!

Now let´s keep to the facts: The Terms and Conditions of Casino state that a maximum of EURO 5000 can be paid each month (this makes roughly $6400 at an average exchange rate of EURO 1,00 = $1.28). So my winnings of $37500 equate to approx. EURO 29296. This should have taken 6 months to pay out. I won on 9th January 2012 and received a first payment on 31st January 2012 of $5000 (= EURO 3900). With 5 further payments the winnings should have been fully paid out by the end of June 2012.

Instead this is what happened: on 29, Feb. 2012 I received $1000! (= EURO 780). That´s right, a mere EURO 780 !! Now we begin to talk about "image" and "reputation"! Who is responsible for this "image"? Nobody other than the Club Gold Casino!

So outrageous was this that I was forced to complain to the online chat team. In the following month, March, I received a payment of only EURO 3125 ($4000). Again, here we are talking about "reputation", this being damaged by no one else other than the Club Gold Casino. These are just 2 examples of many.

It is now in November 2012 and I am still owed $14000! I have supplied the casino with four payment methods: 1 - My bank current account with international IBAN-No.; 2 - Visa Card; 3 - Mastercard; 4 - EcoCard. The Club Gold Casino made the first payments on to my current account, and then claimed that all of a sudden this didn´t work. On the casino´s request I supplied my Visa card details. The casino maintained this didn´t work either. Again the casino told me to register a new payment method, so I registered my Mastercard. The casino replied this time that this didn´t work either. The casino specifically requested that I then register an EcoCard. In September 2012 I received EURO 1172 ($1500), and in October the magnificent sum EURO 16 ($20)!!! Following this the casino informed me that payments to my EcoCard do not work any more (all of these payment methods work for me all around the world, for casinos, Ebay and all general online services, only Club Gold Casino seems to have a problem with them!). Now we are again talking about "image" and "reputation".

In the previous comment (4th November) the Club Gold Casino is impertinent enough to say that I am delaying the payment and that I am damaging their image!! Not only does the casino not take responsibility for its own actions and image but has the audacity to put the blame on the player who has done everthing in his power to claim his winnings (including my numerous email messages which were never answered).

In addition, and firstly, the casino is requesting me to register yet another payment method. For what? Ok, I could go to the trouble of registering a new Moneybookers/Skrill account, and then be told by the casino that this doesn´t work either. Due to its own actions the casino has reduced its trust rating to zero. The casino´s actions I can only class as games now.

To rectify this I am requesting a factual statement from the casino why each of the 4 payment systems already registered with them do not function, although two of them have already been shown to work, and all of them are otherwise fully functional payment transfer methods working for me and everybody globally.

In addition, and secondly, the casino is withholding any possibility of me making an further application to withdraw my winnings. The Club Gold Casino withdrawal system requires the player to make an application for a withdrawal and at the same time specify a payment method for this. In my case, I have done this four times, designating the above stated methods to the individual payments. The total remaining amount of EURO 10900 ($14000) is "tied" to these now "non-functioning" withdrawal requests. My winnings are thus locked and cannot be released for designation to other payment methods. This alone is a SERIOUS issue - this money MUST be released by the casino immediately!

Finally, please, no more games, no more excuses! If the casino is genuinly interested in its image and reputation, it should apologise for their delay tactics which have caused immense stress and frustration (as yet I have sensed no trace of regret in any of the replies).

The only image-saving "solution" in the eyes of myself, and I am sure many others who wish to inform themselves where they can get fair play, is for Club Gold Casino to make a payment of $5000, as stated in #2 of my previous response (only two days of the 5 working days remaining), with following monthly payments until the total of $14000 has been paid off.

Anything else would lead to negative consequences for the Club Gold Casino´s image and would be self-inflicted.

Yours faithfully,

< name removed >

Posted on November 7, 2012

Please be advised that club gold casino does not have nor had any intention of delaying the players funds. No games or tricks were applied and we cannot accept being accused wrongfully. By offering the Moneybookers option for the player as previously and publicly mentioned our intention was to fully commit to our suggestion. Further to our previous communication we have managed to enable to the EcoCard option for this player and will proceed with the payout using this option.

As the player’s request have now been addressed in full we see no benefit in continuing this debate and will simply proceed with the scheduled payments.

Posted on November 9, 2012

Dear Sir, dear Madame,

How can Club Gold Casino possibly and honestly maintain that, quote: "...the player’s request have now been addressed in full..."??

This complaint has been running now 2 whole weeks and still NOT ONE CENT of the oustanding $14000 has been paid! I´m not in this forum to hear "lovely" words, I´m here to instigate payment!

The Club Gold Casino continues, quote: "...we see no benefit in continuing this debate and will simply proceed with the scheduled payments." Scheduled for when, 2020?

It is plain to see that this was written solely in the casino´s own interests; with this it hopes to close the discussion with a green "resolved" tag.

In my case "resolved" means "payed" and I will relinquish this forum NOT on the grounds of promises or misleading statements BUT ONLY when I received full payment. Countless times (which I have on record) I was told by the online support team that a further payment would be made at the end of the month. Fact: this did not happen, which is a professional LIE on the part of the Club Gold Casino.

Again, as stated in #2 of my complaint of 2nd November 2012 now only ONE DAY of the 5 working days remains.

The only way the Club Gold Casino can reinforce a good image (the facts will speak for themselves) is to fulfil its legal commitments.

I now kindly request the Club Gold Casino to respond promptly to this entry with a confirmation to the effect of "payment of Euro 5000 processed and approved".

In anticipation I will await arrival of these funds on my EcoCard account and confirm the receipt of payment immediately.

This is the only remaining option and is in everybody´s interests, mine, Club Gold Casino´s and potential players´.

< name removed >

Posted on November 10, 2012

Please be advised, as previously mentioned we have been able to re-enable the players EcoCard option.

The first payment is scheduled for this coming Monday.

Posted on November 13, 2012

Has the Club Gold Casino sent the payment, as stated in their last entry of 10th November? There is no record yet of any transaction on my EcoCard account?

Could the Club Gold Casino in the meantime please send some form of concrete evidence showing that this payment has been carried out. Thank you.

Posted on November 13, 2012

Please note that we have had received confirmation that the payment by Ecocard has been fully processed. We kindly ask the player to check again as we are aware that Ecocard was performing some maintenance.

Best regards

Posted on November 15, 2012

I am pleased to confirm the payment of $6000 from the Club Gold Casino, which due to a problem with access to my EcoCard account I was able to confirm only today.

I would like to express my thanks to the Club Gold Casino for carrying out this payment, as they announced in their entry of 13th November 2012.

This is a pleasing development in an elongated issue. I sincerely hope we can continue on this positive turn of affairs and that I can look forward to receiving the remaining $8000 punctually in two installments, the first being in December 2012 and the the remainder in January 2013.

My wish to the Club Gold Casino is that they will have satisfaction in continuing this very hard-earned, on both sides, good relationship and which I am sure will install confidence for many potential players out there who are looking for trustworthy places to wager their money.

I would like to thank the Club Gold Casino for battling through this with me, for sorting out the EcoCard issue and moreover for their consistantly courteous responses within this forum.

Best regards, < name removed >

Posted on November 16, 2012

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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