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Disputed casino Club Gold Casino
Reason Bonus terms violation
Posted on May 16, 2014

Hi please help I am a member at many playtech casinos and never had any problems with the casinos in general or being paid winnings

in every casino i have taken a bonus on I basically play meet the wager requirements pay the bonus back and cash out simple until now!

I joined club gold casino and was isued a bonus that required 30x back i started play and was a couple of thousand up and for the first time ever i won a big jackpot on the proggresive marvel games

I was chosen and entered into the progressive jackpot game and chose the right boxes and won the marvel super jackpot of $57.702 I have been waiting for a win like this all my life so was very very happy, I checked my account and added up what the wager requirement was and sat there and played until I had satisfied well over the 30x wager so I then read the terms and saw a piece that said

Should you wish to play on any of our progressive jackpot slot games, this wagering requirement shall increase to 85 times:

So i thought right better contact support team and find out how i was exactly doing so contacted the casino to ask how I could start collecting my winnings half exspecting to get asked to have my photo taken with a cheque for the website, and i was told by customer support I could only collect $1000 and the rest would be taken from my account??? i asked how do i collect the rest and they said you cant! in shock I explained againI have just won the super marvel jackpot Im a jackpot winner how do i collect my prize? then i was suspiciously told that the system has just come up with a warning of other accounts in your name/household you are only aloud one account per household we are now suspending your account?funny how it was fine before they realised $57.702 was in the account I said no way I am the only person with a account I live alone with my teenage son who is too young to gamble there is no way theres another account im the only person here I was then told someone would be in contact and the box closed???

I called customer services straight away by phone and was told it was being looked into

as you can imagine this has left me devastated and sick i cant believe i actually finally win big for once and its being disputed

I have also contacted playtech and explained the details to them and checked the result website www.ja­ckp­otg­rap­ and the win is registered on there £57.702 paid I have copied this aswell as the terms and conditions page from the club gold site

I have gone over and over the terms and conditions and unlike nearly every other playtech casino I have played in in this one there is a line that says:The maximum amount of winnings which may be withdrawn in relation to the Welcome Bonus is EUR 5,000, no explanation just that which could have a number of meanings i thought it meant your first withdrawl is limited to EUR 5000 normally you pay the bonus back on your first withdrawal

howether it does not state anywhere in the terms that a player cannot play on the proggresive jackpot slots or that a player cannot claim the jackpot if won! if this is the case then it SHOULD BE STATED CLEARLY you cannot win the progressive jackpots! or if you win a proggresive jackpot you will not be able to collect! there is nothing like this there

if it is not stated then it is very misleading as why would anyone play the big jackpot games if your not aloud to claim the big jackpots? they wouldnt! basically they play the proggresives purely for the chance they might be lucky enough to hit a big jackpot just like i do

Also if you cant win or claim a jackpot then you should not be able to play that game, or more importantly you definetly should not be entered into the main jackpot part of the game in the first place if you cant win the prize.

I strongly believe that if your lucky enough to get chosen to enter the marvel jackpot game let alone be lucky enough to win one of the big jackpots as it is such a rare thing, I realy think the casino should do the right thing and honor the jackpot.

I cannot tell you the amount of stress this has caused me hearing this news today i thought I was going to have a heart attack I am as I mentioned before completley devastated and would appreciate any help or advise you can offer concerning this matter.

many thanks

Posted on April 2, 2013

Please be advised that the players ' account is currently under review as a security alert was raised and a security investigation is currently being conducted. Sadly, his gaming along with bonus terms or actual win described in the complaint have nothing to with the matter.

The investigation is still ongoing and all the relevant information will be gathered and provided to AskGamblers in relation to the complaint.

Posted on April 2, 2013

Thankyou for responding

You have stated that my account is under review and this has nothing to do with my complaint however I strongly disagree with this as my account was fine and not under review until i contacted customer support asking how i collect my jackpot everything was working fine I was actually playing in the casino while i was waiting for for customer support to answer my chat window, it was then put on review while i was having a conversation with your support team if you check the chat log you will see this was added during our conversation and is also mentioned in the conversation.

As i also mentioned before i called customer services straight away and spoke to paul and was advised that someone would contact me in a couple of days,

it has been over a week now and no one has contacted me I have called the casino 2-3 times daily asking to speak to the casino manager and spoke to paul, roger, and mike who have all told me you are not available when i have asked when the manager will be in i have been asked to hold and the line has gone dead and then when i have tried to call back there is no answer?

as i have also mentioned before there is nothing wrong with my account there are no other users with a account at my address as i live alone with my son who is to young to gamble so the idea that there is another account is impossible I have met all the rules and done nothing wrong there were no problems opening this account depositing or playing surely if something was wrong security would have noticed when i first joined and before i made a deposit? as i am 100% certain i have done nothing wrong i am confident that once these checks and investigation have been completed they will confirm this.

SO back to what i consider my MAIN COMPALAINT as im sure you can understand

My main complaint is about what is going on with my$57.702 jackpot? I was told told by your staff that i could not collect this and these funds would be removed from my account I was told this in the same chat with customer support that i mentioned earlier and was also told this before my account was suspended or any investigation had started??again please feel free to check this.

Please please can you state exactly what is going on here and what action will be taken concerning this as it is stated in playtech operational standards that:

playtech -Must pay out progressive jackpot wins in full or in reasonable chunks, regardless of any terms and conditions limiting payouts.

I have tried my best to contact you on several occasions to discuss this and have spoken to diffrent members of your staff and explained to them the stress this this matter is causing me so i would appreciate it if you could please contact me with some sort of an explanation to what is actually going on here as i have no idea and realy feel as if im being kept in the dark about this.

As one of your customers and members I really do not think i am getting the customer service I deserve and this is very upseting to me and i realy hope this can all be resolved amicably and we can move forward from this complaint.

I look forward to hearing back from you concerning these urgent matters.

Posted on April 3, 2013

Hi I have called to the casino again today and spoken to MIKE who I previously spoke to he seems a very nice person and he has tried to be as helpful as he can be, and he has also assured me that the casino manager GINO will contact me in a couple of hours so hopefully we will get this matter all resolved today and I am hoping this is all some sort of mix up or mistake? as i have mentioned before i have kept within all the rules and regulations so i really hope this has all been a misunderstanding either way at least i will no today for sure what exactly has happend here???

Posted on April 3, 2013

I have just been called by harry from the casino

Many thanks for letting me no exactly what the problem was with my account I just wished someone could of explained this to me sooner and i could of explained at an earlier date over the phone what actually happened as there has been a big misunderstanding that started with a simple mistake,

I can confirm that i was entitled to this bonus as i opened this account from my own home address as stated and also deposited from my home(ip address) as well but on the night of my win I was babysitting for a friend round at there house so rather than pack and take my computer round to my friends house I just thought I would log into my account from my friends computer I have done this on many occasions and never ever had any problems in the past, and I have even logged on to casinos from other laptops round friends houses to make casino withdrawals from my accounts and had no problems whatsoever?

and i have also had friends come to my place and log into there casino accounts on my computer and there has never been any problems doing this either? anyone with an email address which is most of the world no's that you don't just log into your email account from your home you log in from a number of different locations such as public places, airports, internet cafes, hotels, friends houses etc,etc

well this is pretty much the same with online casinos I have logged in at loads of different locations including friends houses, public places, at hotels that I have stayed at whilst away on holiday and never had any problems doing this.

And i believe I should be able to log in on to my account at any computer as what difference does it make as my account is not related to anyone else's surely you can see that i joined from my own ip address and deposited from it? so i can assure you this is a misunderstanding and there is no intended foul play here

HOWETHER I have now been informed by the casino this is against the casinos rules so I now no this is what the problems was, and basically this is WHAT I DID WRONG

I never knew this would be a problem as the account is registered to myself its my account no one else's as this was the case I honestly assumed i could log in an play wherever I wanted to-

-- As this is not the case then I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE TO THE CASINO it is like i said a complete misunderstanding I give you my word and can assure you there was never any malicious intent involved here i never meant any harm and did not no i was doing anything wrong.

You can see from my play and from recent comments that I am a genuine player i have not tried to scam or cheat for a bonus in anyway whatsoever and I would not! I am just a normal player and i can prove to you who I am, and where I live and also prove i am the only player at my home address and verify any additional information you may need for me to verify myself and prove I was entitled to this bonus when i received it as i am as originally stated the only adult living at my home address or ip address

so I would really appreciate it if you could please try and understand that these circumstances are completely genuine if i knew i was not allowed to log in from another computer then please believe me when i say I wouldn't have, I would have took my own laptop with me in the first place and logged on that way, as you can see i have my own computer and ip address as it is the one I originally joined the casino from.

Again I am very very sorry I did not realize I had broken any rules or conditions

please can you take these comments into consideration when considering my account as i swear to you i have not intentionally done anything wrong here and i have been a loyal playtech member for many years so i beg you please please do not punish me for a simple harmless mistake like this.

I hope you can except my sincere apologies for this incident I assure you it will never happen again and I hope we can come to a mutual understanding concerning my account.

Many thanks


Posted on April 11, 2013

AskGamblers Complaints Team have been provided with valid evidence on behalf the management of Club Gold Casino where it is clearly displayed that player had opened more than one account, and by that act breached neral casino terms.

Based on the above, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is now officially closed. In case of a disagreement with our decision we remind player that further assistance on this matter could be requested from the relevant regulatory body.

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