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Cirrus Casino - Refused to pay AGAIN

posted on May 16, 2014.

on 16/jan/2012, i won a total of $600.00 and attempted to cash out $500.00 of this.

their live chat teller came online and very rudely told me that my country was not allowed to cash out money from their site.

i explained to him that their site did not say anything like this when i was joining and as a matter of fact, this country (Trinidad and Tobago) is on a list of countries on their lobby which CAN join and make deposits.

their teller just insisted on using the excuse of the country to not pay the winnings. no explanation at all.

please help.

posted on January 17, 2012.

Dear taurusman:

I will go ahead and look into this matter with Cirrus Casino

Best Regards

Cindy < surname removed >

posted on January 18, 2012.

Dear taurusman:

First of all; I woukld like to clarify account was recently opened on 1/15/2012 at 9:24:50 PM and that casino has never refused to pay anything in the past since the only transaction your account is showing is a $77 Free Chip.

Second: You've redeemed a Free Chip called FREECHAN77 that belongs to one of our exclusive affiliates and that has a $77 maximum cash-out.

Third: You still have not made playthrough requirements on Free Chip redeemed.

Fourth: Since you are not entitled to redeem free chip FREECHAN77 and due to the fact that your account is linked to another afflliate; all money balance has been removed before you even met playthrough requirements and Casino Manager has placed the Cirrus welcome Free Chip Coupon CIRSPEC25 in your Casino account and play.

$25 Free Casino Chip

All Games Allowed

20X Playthrough

$50 Max Cash-Out

Redeem: CIRSPEC25

No Deposit Required

Best Regards

Cindy < surname removed >

posted on January 18, 2012.

thank you for responding.

firstly, if it is that the maximum cash out amount on the bonus is $77.00, why did your cashier not say this when i tried to get the $500.00 so that i could have lowered the amount to cash out to $77.00? ....... you are saying i because .....

secondly, the bonus coupon i used, i was not entitled to. if this was the case how can i receive it in the first place since no other bonus that i am "not entitled to" i am able to get? your system does not allow for bonuses to be redeemed if they are expired or the player is not allowed to redeem it. you know this.

thirdly, i logged on to the casino today and saw that you have taken back all the money in it and put $25.00 in its place. i find this to be very revealing and obvious on your part.

fourth and not least, you have not addressed the fact that your chat operator "Leo" said that Trinidad and Tobago can not cash out any money AT ALL, but of couse, we can deposit real money.

i find that you have given too many reasons why i cannot cash out money won at your casino...

the unentitled bonus

the playthrough requirements

the country

the cashout maximum.

on a different note, the heading cirrus casino has refused to pay again, i appologize if it seemed to be misleading, i did not mean that you have refused to pay ME again, i just saw that as a heading when i was looking on the internet to find if someone can help me with my situation and used the same heading when i saw that you had refused to pay someone else and in fact, a lot of other people.

posted on January 20, 2012.

Dear taurusman:

If you search on internet for FREECHAN77 coupon code you will be able to see that maximum cash-out on that Free Chip is of $77.

That free chip code belongs to one of our affiliates but according to our system your account is linked to another affiliate; this is why Free Chip was removed before you even met playthrough.

We are no longer accepting players from Trinidas & Tobago to redeem free chips unless they are depositors; however and since this exception still does not appear on Cirrus site; Casino Management allowed me to credit your account with Cirrus welcome Free Chip and if you win; casino will pay you.

Best Regards

Cindy < surname removed >

posted on January 21, 2012.

it was quite obvious from the initial stages of the cash out that your casino was going to refuse to pay so this is anything but a surprise.

your run around excuses starting with playthrough requirements and finally ending with invalid bonus coupons was not very original at all.

that new one though, the one with Trinidad and Tobago not being able to redeem the affiliated coupon but the information not being in your casino yet so youre doing me a FAVOUR by putting your $25 instead of the $600.00 i won? Priceless.

thanks for saying that trinidad and tobago wont be able to play any coupons without being depositors. not only us, but a lot of people know by now that your coupons are useless so you dont have to worry about that.

and doubtful that youll get any depositors from here anyway, we're not as stupid as you and your casino seem to think.

posted on January 24, 2012.

Dear taurusman:

I would like to make one point very clear; Cirrus Casino removed the money from your account even before you met playthrough requirements on the Free Chip redeemed.

You did not meet the playthrough and did not cash-out. No winnings were voided since as mentioned before, rollover was never completed.

I understand you are upset due to the fact that Casino does not accept players from Trinidad & Tobago redeeming Free Chips unless they are depositors; however and trying to show you Cirrus good faith; Casino credited your account with a welcome Free Chip that would allow you to cash-out in case you meet the playthrough of said Free Chip.

Best Regards

Cindy < surname removed >

posted on January 28, 2012.

Since the submitter of this complaint decided to give up this case, we have to close it as resolved, but the warning about the withdrawals from this casino, still remains.

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