Cirrus Casino bonus policy

posted on December 6, 2013.

Last year I cashed out $1500 (I think) after a bit of a todo, and needing to work with a customer service rep.

So I consider them a reasonable place to play, but recently hit a road bump.

I recently used a free chip, to play and managed to actually make the play through requirements. My next step was to read the bonus policy, and understood that I couldn't cash-out from two consecutive free chips. No problem there, as I had deposited quite a bit of cash since my last cash-out.

Well hold on there bucko!

It turns out that if you redeem (As in use with or without winning), two consecutive free chips, you are not eligible for a cash-out. So effectively you might as well be playing for play money.

It seems tricky to me to send out a free chip that will not be any good unless a deposit is made just PRIOR to using it. Also, since the free chip limits you to the amount of the free chip for withdraw, I am unclear how adding a free chip to the real cash deposit would work.

I guess my "Complaint" is that after telling me it had been approved, a month went by before I called and was told it doesn't qualify.

As I am a frequent depositor, I was assigned to a VIP customer service rep, and was told he would look into it.

posted on December 10, 2013.

Dear Player:

Please keep in mind that as per casino rules:


"The Player may not consecutively redeem multiple no-deposit bonuses. Free chip offers are meant only for our regular loyal players and unless otherwise stated in order to cash out on a free chip offer you should have an active depositing account. Should a Player redeem one no-deposit bonus and then be subsequently offered another one, the Player must make a real money deposit into their account in the interim in order for the Player to be eligible to redeem the second no-deposit bonus."

When players download the casino they agree on having read and understood the rules. Free Chips are offered for amusement purposes and for players to redeemed them if they haven't play on the Casino before or for regular players to redeem them in case last transaction was a deposit. The Player is entitled to only one free chip in between deposits; any winnings resulting from multiple free chips will be void. For example, should a Player redeem two free chips in a row, he/she will not be able to withdraw any winnings generated by playing on said chip.


Cindy Greco

posted on December 14, 2013.

 Player redeemed multiple free chips, which is not allowed per casino rules! Nothing to do about it! Complaint solved!