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CasinoClub - not paying lucky winnings

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Casino Club
Reason Delayed payment
Amount € 4150
Posted on July 16, 2014

Hello Sir.

I really hope you can help me sir.

I found on an affilate over a week ago after I looked for a casino that allows to play roulette.

I have made my 250euro deposit and got their 250euro ( 100%) welcome bonus offer. I played roulette and that specific day, I got very lucky since I used my lucky numbers

that I usually gamble with most of the time, when I gamble online ( they are usually 6,9,12, 25) since I won, I also used some other numbers to keep playing and to complete the bonus obligations so I used my family's date of births etc... as I mentioned, I got very lucky and kept winning.

I eventually withdrawed total of 4150euro back t my neteller account after in the cashier page showed me the option that I completed all the bonus obligations.

A day after I received an email from the casino support that I need to email them my documents for verifications, so I emailed them what they needed.

Then they kept sending emails they wish to speak with me, so I called them almost everyday and spoke with different people, answered the questions and info needed but still , they kept telling me my account is being checked...

today I recevied an email with a request to call and speak with the manager who reasponsible for payments, after I spoke with him he told me that I will not be paid with my winnings since I used " a special technic" to win in their roulette and I don't deserve to be paid, I could not believe what he told me on the phone !! I was very very surprise and nicely explained him he is totally wronge and I just got lucky, that's all how can I guess or know the roulette numbers? It was a pure luck...

He again refused to pay and after I told him I will submit a complain against his casino he told me that he will pay me back my deposit, I refused to accept his "deal" and I wanted to be fully paid... he did not agree to that.

I think that is shows this casino is being unfair with lucky winnings and I hope your help to me will eventaully make this casino to honor fair winnings.

the casino support email : suppor­[email protected]­asi­noc­

Posted on July 7, 2011


I wish to inform that my payment problem with CASINOCLUB have been solved.

they paid me my fair winnings and I see now this matter being closed with my satisfaction.

Thank you for those who helped me with this matter.



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