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Casino Splendio confiscated 4700 euro

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Casino Splendido
Reason Declined payment
Amount € 4715
Posted on May 16, 2014


I have an account with Casino Splendido since 2010, I am a regular player there, since they have such a great bonus calendar. After playing for a while I had 2 withdraws from 900 and 3815 Euro. I didn't got any money returned to my bank account after talking in the chat they told me they would contact me asap.

Never heard anything back. Later on i received my 2 deposits back without any explanation. I was wondering what has happened and why my money is confiscated. This is not right! I was surfing on internet and saw more players didn't get payed. It looks like they have some serious problems.

Maybe the casino rep can explain why my money is confiscated because I don't have any idea why.


Big Gamble

Posted on May 23, 2013

Good Day,

In response to this complaint I would firstly like to apologize for the delay in responding.

At Casino Splendido we pride ourselves in delivering prompt and efficient, yet holistic responses to all our player/s concerns and/or queries. We follow a strict Service Level Agreement to ensure that we don’t drop the ball, but that we maintain and continue to dazzle all players in our world of endless entertainment as it is at Casino Splendido.

From this complaint we were able to identify that a particular query was not reached within our Service Level Agreement and this is a concern. We will absolutely address this to ensure that we rectify and continue to maintain the current great reputation that we hold for delivering world class service.

Furthermore, in response to the complaint we need to highlight the elements that led on to an unsatisfying experience. The feedback that transpired from our Risk \ Banking team as follow:

“Please note that this account has been locked - as the player has gone against the below point in our T & C's: 8.8: if you have not played at the Casino on an individual basis for personal entertainment only (that is, you have played in a professional sense or in concert with other player(s) as part of a club, group, etc.”

Whilst we aim to dazzle and guarantee an all-round thrilling experience for all our valued players at Casino Splendido, we do need to have some measures in place to ensure that this is and remains a place of entertainment and that we do not allow behaviour that is in direct conflict with our terms and conditions.

I hope this finds everybody well and that we will see more and more of you at Casino Splendido so that you may see for yourselves just how great this casino truly is!

Kind Regards,


Posted on May 26, 2013

Dear Eben

Thank you for finally responding to my complaint, first of all I am very disappointed that I have to hear it through a third party website you could have just send me an email. After being a customer for over 3 years. You are not telling in your responds that you offered me a bonus for a deposit of 500 every day of the week, I lost a few of those deposits never heard the casino complaining about it. After two wins I never got payed how about all the money I lost add the casino will that be refunded ass well?

With a rule like 8.8 in the T&C the casino is free from confiscating money whenever they feel like doing it it is not fair for the players of the casino. Like myself I have been a player for 3 years why not close my account instantly after playing for 1 year this is not fair for the player I hope you will reconsider paying my winnings.

A bonus ban would be more in place for the valued customer , How can you offer me a daily bonus and then when I am winning and confiscating my money, it does not sounds like all-round thrilling experience in the casino. Would the casino you reconsider a payment of winnings?



P.S Eben is talking like you are one of the leading casino where it is tons of fun I was googling on the internet and found allot of complaints with this same rule it's really shady behaviour IMO. It give you a free pass confiscating money from every player that is winning.

Posted on May 29, 2013


We sincerely apologize for the delay in having responded to your initial complaint. This is completely out of the ordinary and we can assure anybody that is reading this, that our responses are generally swift, efficient and holistic all-together.

Please note that I have read and carefully considered the content of your last response and that in light of this, I would like to highlight some points about your experience at Casino Splendido and add some facts about our pay-outs and absolute fairness to our players in general.

This account is long standing account with Casino Splendido and you have indeed made a lot of deposits and wagered much over the last couple of years. It is only recently that a routine investigation has highlighted some of the points mentioned in my earlier response, and this is the reason for not having locked the account on a prior occasion.

We can proudly say that you have had an extraordinary time at the casino to date and would like to mention just some figures and elements to support this.

You have received 34% in free money (back on all your deposits made to date)

You have cashed in 246% in ratio to your lifetime deposits to date

(and these were paid prior to the recent investigation)

You also had a life to date pay-out ratio of 117% on all your wagers which is 21% greater than the average pay-out ratio as shown in our latest audits from eCogra and KPMG UK.

We process between 100 and 200 cash-ins each and every day. This means that we have easily paid out more than 280000 cash-ins and have hardly received any complaints or disputes to date.

It is extremely rare that we find erratic behaviour that is not in line with our terms and conditions or indicative of abuse, but I think it is important for anybody to consider the fact that all companies need to have terms and conditions in place to protect themselves against this kind of thing, and also to ensure that they highlight their values and policies, thus providing total transparency between the player and the casino.

I hope that this email finds you well and that you can see from this, that the casino has absolutely provided that which it stands for, (an all-round dazzle factor with excellent games and pay-outs).

If you would like to continue this discussion, please feel free to email our customer support team at suppor­[email protected]­asi­nos­ple­ndi­ and we will happily respond to any queries that you may have.

Kind Regards,


Posted on June 2, 2013

 Satisfied with an explanation?

Posted on June 2, 2013

Dear Eben

Thank you for your quick reply, I was out of town for business,

I do understand you have some great services at the casino I ain't denying that,

This matter is maybe the rare factor from some strange behavior from the casino,

I read it on other third websites parties to the same complaints you can google it.

In your latest responds you make it look like it's a normal thing to confiscate a players money If they start to manage winning some money,this is what is worrying me I had some big cash out it was my risk, to play with it. If I lost some money I wouldn't be banned and confiscated my money?

The fact is that you provided me with a daily promotion, for me deposit big amounts this is the goal of the casino let me make big deposit in you casino. Well you made me do that the minute you gave me this SPECIAL promotion because this promotion was an invite only. I never saw it on the website. After you made me deposit 500 euro everyday you starting to confiscate my money when I was winning one Or two times and how about your pay ratio now? I lost my latest deposit and winnings you only gave me back

one deposit. Eben I am around for a long time I have some very big winnings on online gambling I am talking about 5 almost 6 figures numbers.

This casino gave me the same promotion as you did I am really happy that I not won such amount ad your casino because I am sure I was never getting payed!

The risk of me betting everyday in the casino is a risk for us both I can loose what I did many time your casino to, or I could win witch I did the last time.

I think I only played slots in your casino this gameplay have high house edges the highest at the casino. So i still don't understand why you have to ban me for it.

A promotion ban would be better in place and full payment can you explain why you are voiding ALL the winnings and only giving back one deposit? Because I made allot

of deposit last month I played with you. Especially the week where you make me deposit 500 a day. I still I hope you will reconsider you action it's just ain't right.

I would like to continue the discussion let's keep it public so the players can read what has happened and people can comment about it.

I would appreciate some neutral opinions and if other players would have the same problem like me I would like to recommend them to comment in this complaint or start a complaint yourself.


Big Gamble

Posted on June 6, 2013


Thank you for your response.

Kindly note that I have carefully read and considered your email. The situation however remains concluded from our side as mentioned on my very first post.

I need to Illuminate the fact that Casino Splendido have many winners, as can be seen from our daily winners list on http:/­/ww­w.c­asi­nos­ple­ndi­do.c­om­/wi­nne­rs.aspx , and this is just to view a small portion.

We also have many players that have huge fortune streaks at our casino and the density of regard and value that we have for these players remain unchanged. We value all active players at Casino Splendido and we do our very best to ensure that they are exceedingly satisfied with our casino and the service rendered.

So if you are of the opinion, as deducted from your prior post, that we consider winning information to regard or discard player account status or value, then I just have to say that this idea is absolutely futile at Casino Splendido, and that we actually embrace winnings, extended play time, increased player satisfaction and a thrilling experience all round, hence the idea of promotions and bonuses, to ensure extended playtime and a better chance at winning that big jackpot.

I can understand that you are feeling dissatisfied at this point, but I have to remind you that we are and will remain 100% transparent in our Terms and Conditions to ensure that we control player expectations and that the overall result between the player and the casino may be a synergetic experience with loads of entertainment and all-round satisfaction.

Kind Regards,


Posted on December 18, 2017

This complaint has been reopened as per submitter's request and AskGamblers Complaints Team would like to give it one more try and help both parties involved into the dispute reaching to a satisfactory resolution.

Posted on December 18, 2017

I still hope this complaint can be resolved on the open forum I see that casino splendido tried to contact me a couple of times on my email, Hopefully splendido can review my account again and return my winnings.


Big Gamble

p.s. I didn't broke any terms in the matter.

Posted on December 22, 2017

Seems like they don't responds to anything anymore. 

People should have caution to play here..

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