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Casino Splendido - a second evaluation of my case

posted on May 16, 2014.


On 12/01/2013 I was invited to play at Casino Splendido through a mail. I deposited 100 and I received a bonus ...with a 22.5 euro bet I won 15 647.50 EUR at Spring Break video slot.

Given that I won a very nice amount after I completed the wagering I made a withdraw and I sent my documents in order to have my account updated. Next days I received an e-mail where I am informed that my documents are accepted.

After this step I was put on hold for more than 7-8 days. In this time I made a phone call and I talked with a guy from coustomer support. This person told me that my documents are accepted and my withdraw is in the "final stage" and I have to wait for manager approval.

"Dear Andrei ,

Thank you for forwarding the requested documents. These documents have been verified and accepted by the casino.

We will keep you updated with any further feedback .

We are here for you 24 hours, 7 days a week.



I want to emphasize that in this time my account was open and I was able to play my remaning balance.

Finally my account was closed without notice and my balance voided approximately 17000 EUR.

On this occasino I want to request a second evaluation of my case.


Andrei T


posted on February 4, 2013.

Hi Andrei,

I believe you have been contacted regarding this situation and a conclusion was made.


posted on February 5, 2013.


It is obvious that your conclusion did not satisfy my appetite for justice and this is the reason why I am here.

We must not forget that you made a radical decision which is 100% in your favor but let's be "honest" is very hard to pay a player who deposited 100 euro and in 10 minutes he have the possibility (in my the case the illusion) to withdraw a balance of 17000 euro. Please see the video from my first post.

I have an account at Casino Splendido since 6 September 2010 and we had no problem so far. Is very clear to see that your reaction is triggered by the fact that I won a big amount.

I want to bring to your attention that Casino Splendido invited me to play in that day. In my head if a casino invite me to play means that I am welcomed there and is a safe place to stay and most important this casino accept me as a player even if I lose or win my money.

Is very hard for me to fight with a casino when he have on his side a lot of terms specially formulated in his favor.

If someone has the sick curiosity to read all the terms and the conditions that must be accepted when he open an account he can easily guess that after he deposit his money are no longer his money because every action -ethical or not- of a casino is covered by a special term created for his protection and he can do anything he want even if his action is an abuse.

Again please look closely at my case.

posted on February 6, 2013.

Happy to have a risk manager contact you to discuss further.

please let me know and I'll happily provide details for you.


posted on February 6, 2013.


You can send me the details to my registered e-mail address or you can use my registered phone number to get in touch with me.

posted on February 10, 2013.


Until now my situation is unchanged. I expect a phone call from Casino Splendido on Monday.

posted on February 12, 2013.

Risk Manager has been trying on 2 numbers given to us and we will try again today

posted on February 12, 2013.


There are large discrepancies between what happens here and what happens in reality.

Monday I spoke with a person from Casino Splendido - Roxy Casino risk department. This person gave me the impression that he don't know about Askgamblers website and he probably knows nothing about their representative on this website.

From what I can see this person from Askgamblers knows nothing about my case and he does not communicate in any way with Casino Splendido - Roxy Palace casino managers.

posted on February 16, 2013.

 First to clear, there aren't casino representatives being part of AskGamblers' team! We just provide them with players' issue, connect them and let they sort it directly through the complaint!

Second, is there some updates regarding this one?

posted on February 19, 2013.


Thanks for the intervention AskGamblers.

My situation is unchanged and from what you can see CasinoSplendido refuse to talk in public about my case.

In my last replay I wanted to tell you that the person with whom I talked at the phone did not know to many things about their representative on this site.

Instead he told me that he treat such cases only with ECOGRA. I sent a complain to ECOGRA in the same day when my account was closed and my earnings of 17000 euro canceled but until now I did not received an answer.

An interesting thing about ECOGRA is that this organization was founded by Casino-on-Net (at the moment 888), Bwin and Microgaming.

Casino Splendido in this moment use Microgaming services and considering that they are closely related I asked to have my case reviewed elsewhere. Unfortunately Casino Splendido manager refused this option.

To give yourself a clear opinion about ECOGRA please search the forums and you will understand why I am so skeptical that my case will be solved in an impartial.

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