Casino RedKings - I want money from my account

posted on November 11, 2012.

shady reviewed Few seconds agoThis gambling website is a complete rip off. They take money from your account without your consentAnd when you try to get your money back they will simply say the money was deposited and played.Through when actually they cant prove it as the on your gambling account statement it would neverShow those transaction but if you check your bank statements you will find that the money will go Missing from time to time even if you dont use their website after using your card only once for theInitial deposit. In my case when i opened my account i deposited £100 and transfered it to my redkingsCasino account, played through lost everything and when i tried to deposit another £100 i found out my account is blocked for verification reason and i have to provide the required documents to make further deposits.I just simply didnt bother to send my documents as the games looked controlled so i thought i should just leave it as it is. The same evening i checked my account and found out that £500 have gone missing from my account so i contacted them straightaway and was told that it must have been an error and the monies should fall back into my account. After 2 and a half weeks i got the funds back in my account but a week after that it went missing again i called my bank and was told that the same company has re claimed the money and they authorized it because they thought that i shared my card details with them. Since then i am trying to get my money back but these people are completely denying all the facts and evidence i provided to prove my point and are telling me that i actually played through that money on their website when my redkings account transactions clearly shows that i had only deposited £100. I have contacted my bank again today and asked them to sort this mess out as it was their responsibilty to safeguard my money. BEING A GAMBLER FOR 8 YEARS AND SPENDING THOUSANDS OF £ EVERY MONTH I NEVER REVIEWED ANY WEBSITE BECAUSE I WAS NEVER TREATED THE WAY I HAVE BEEN TREATED BY BEING A REDKINGS CUSTOMER. THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY AND YOU WOULDNT EVEN KNOW. I WOULD ADVICE ALLLLLL UK CUSTOMERS NOT TO BOTHER OPENING ACCOUNTS WITH THESE CROOKS AS THERE ARE MANY RELIABLE GAMBLING WEBSITES IN UK AND OTHER PARTS OF EUROPE.

posted on November 15, 2012.


Since we are not discussing players` issues in forums, I`d like to kindly ask you to send your username and the details of this issue to our support. Their email address is: suppor­[email protected]­asi­nor­edk­ing­

They`ll be happy to assist you with your problem.

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