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Casino Pobeda - Delayed payments totaling $144,500


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Casino Pobeda


$ 144500

Posted on May 17, 2019

I'm a regular high-roller player in Casino Pobeda. I have been playing in this casino since March, 14th 2018. My account is totally verified and I did not have any problems with withdrawals until the beginning of this April. It lasts almost 40 days that I receive nothing - my withdrawals have been cancelled by the Casino since April, 9th. I attached the screenshots.

I contacted the manager on April, 10th, when the problem happened. He replied that the casino had some problems with their bank due to a huge amount of transactions and promised to solve my problem as quickly as possible. I attached the screenshots of the e-mails with translations.

I waited for a month and received the same promises and excuses. I wrote to them again and finally I got a reply from Finance Department that in accordance to the rules: “6.5 Payments in excess of 500,000 rubles or the equivalent of another currency according to the exchange rate, Pobeda may withdraw in equal installments within 60 days.” But my complaint is that the Casino does not withdraw my funds neither in equal installments nor in any other way since April, 9th (almost 40 days) and only cancels all my withdrawals. Also the manager of the casino is not replying to my questions: how am I supposed to receive the money if they cancels all the withdrawals all the time I make them.

My winnings/current balance is about 144.500,00 in USD.