Slotobank Casino - Cancellation of bonus due to terms, not being properly stated within their website

posted on September 27, 2014.

I took an ad-hoc bonus after several deposits that was emailed to me. The email had no terms and conditions attached to it.

The bonus entitled me to a 75% bonus upon going to chat and asking it to be added.

I deposit 20 euros and received 15 euros bonus.

The wagering on this was displayed on my account and I duly managed to wager through over 1500 of wagering playing low stakes on DOA.

After getting upto about 300 euros on low stakes 0.54, I switched to Castlebuider playing at 1.5 euros, going upto 3 euros. I did not manage to do that well but finished wagering at 275 euros when i cashed out.

I had an email 2 days later to say i had broken the bonus terms. This is what was said:

"Dear Toby,

After the investigation of your account our security department detected that you violated the restriction of maximum bet allowed (http:­//s­lot­oba­nk.c­om­/en­/we­lco­me1­50-2/ paragraph 13 and also General Terms and Conditions):

​In the interest of fair gaming there is a maximum allowed stake per game round when a player is wagering bonus money. This maximum stake is 10% of the bonus amount granted (but no more than 30 euro). In case of a breach of this rule, the player agrees that his bonus and any associated winnings may be void.

Your balance was cleared and your initial deposit was put back on your account"

However, there were no terms regarding the bonus in their General Terms and Conditions AND in their Casino Terms and Condition regarding a max 10% of the bonus bet size.

The link they provided relates to their welcome bonus which is a 200% bonus through affiliates and 150% through the site. My bonus was not definately NOT the welcome bonus as this had already been claimed (and lost) previously, it was ad hoc. The customer service chat did not direct me to any terms on this one when it was awarded, and as said there are no terms on the email invitation of this.

Their terms and conditions are here:


Section 8.7 of these states "Specific bonus conditions may be published on the website with the launch of specific bonus schemes." However, this ad hoc bonus which was not a welcome bonus had no terms to it either offered or visable on their site.

Therefore, I am being bound by bonus terms specific to a bonus I was not playing with, and further the website terms and condition says that all bonuses have their own terms.

Therefore, the CS in their above email pointing to a different type of bonus is not relevant, and their terms and conditions cited having nothing relevant to this bonus or any specific bonus.

All in all, they therefore should pay this withdrawal. I attach the email which was sent to me factually proving this was not a welcome bonus AND showing no separate terms.

If you could look into this I would be very grateful. I have written to them yesterday but they said they would get back to me this afternoon, nothing has appeared.

posted on October 2, 2014.

Dear @tobyh1000,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

posted on October 2, 2014.

Dear Toby,

The offer you that you have received in email was one time promo and the rules for bonuses are the same. You cannot place bet more then 10% bonus amount granted. Also you can always come to our live chat and clarify. And you were in our live chat because it says in email in order to claim bonus you need to contact us via live chat, there you could also ask about bonus details and where you can find terms of it. But your deposit is on your balance and you can try your luck one more time with the same bonus.

posted on October 4, 2014.

Unfortunately your response is incoherent to the rules on your website Term and Conditions. Your response above states:

"The offer you that you have received in email was one time promo and the rules for bonuses are the same".

So, if this is the case then the rules for bonuses would be in your Terms and Conditions, right? Wrong. Your Terms and Conditions state this:

"Specific bonus conditions may be published on the website with the launch of specific bonus schemes."

There are in fact no specific rules on your Terms and Conditions regarding bonuses whatsoever.

You have chosen to apply a specific rule of your more generous welcome bonus to this withdrawal as it suits your decision not to pay the withdrawal, despite the fact that this is not a Welcome Bonus.

Also, I have asked for the withdrawal of my deposit of 20 euros (I refused your paltry compensation offer of a bonus on this deposit) several times which is showing in my balance as withdrawable and you have stalled on this, citing a "mistake" and other excuses. It has now been 12 days since this has been requested.

To all potential depositors reading this who are considering playing here, my advice is don't. A simple google search will reveal that I am not the only one who has major problem with withdrawals and winnings seized.

posted on October 7, 2014.

Dear Toby,

Please send me an email to [email protected] with your username and we will take a look on this issue one more time and find out what we can do for you in such situation.

posted on October 9, 2014.

Email sent on the 7th. Awaiting a proper response.

posted on October 12, 2014.

Dear Toby,

You will get a response on Monday 13.10.14
Thank you for your email. Would be my pleasure to assist you.

posted on October 13, 2014.

Dear Toby,

I have checked your case personally and found out that you were playing with 75% match bonus on top of your deposit. And your deposit was 20EUR , so bonus was 15EUR and due to our bonus terms you can place max 10% from the amount bonus granted . But your bet was 3 Eur. PLease see screen shot http:/­/cr­opm­e.r­u/9­c37­1c5­001­04a­bcc­525­f05­3bb­33af762 . We also added back your deposit amount to your balance and you can withdraw them or play with them one more time and this time you can win even more. All bonus terms you can find on our website or you can always ask our support about them 24/7. Wish you good luck .

posted on October 13, 2014.


Thank you for your delayed reply. I am puzzled by the fact that you have gone to the trouble of pinpointing the 3 euro bet. This was never in dispute and was highlighted in my original post above.

Unfortunately yet again you have not addressed the FACTS that the draconian terms of this bonus are not in your Terms or Conditions, Email communicating the bonus or offered by any of your representative staff.

All other casino's I have come across in the last 10 years would at least have this term in the Terms and Conditions, as well as at least one other medium.

So it seems that Slotobank has its own, unique way of wrapping up their bonus terms as they see fit, at the expense of the player.

In essence it comes down to this:

Your email above: "The offer you that you have received in email was one time promo and THE RULES FOR BONUSES ARE THE SAME"

Yet your terms and conditions:

"Specific bonus conditions may be published on the website with the launch of SPECIFIC BONUS SCHEMES."

So which is it? Its either a universal rule for all bonuses or its not. You state both.

At an absolute stretch, it could be argued - "well if you were unsure, why risk large bet sizes - after all, most bonuses have some sort of cap on bet size don't they?"

Yes indeed they do. I have searched around and not one single other casino caps bonuses at 10%. Some do not have a cap but the smallest cap I can at other Netent casinos is 30% or 3 dollars, whichever is smaller.

So to then fail to have indicate such an unusually small cap ANYWHERE in your Casino Terms and Conditions - after all that is where players look - is bizarre.

In fact, I would go as far as to say it is deliberately vague and mercenary to have this this combination as it means that it is incredibly easy for players inadvertently go over that limit (whilst somehow managing to meet your Herculean wagering requirements) at which point you can simply confiscate any winnings, like you have done to me.

As such, I will have to politely decline to "win back even more" by risking any further funds at Slotobank. I would appreciate you actually action the withdrawal of my original 20 euro deposit (this being my third attempt), rather than talking about "mistakes" in processing as my last conversation with your rep concluded when attempting this withdrawal last week.

posted on October 14, 2014.

Dear Toby,

I would remind you that you coud check terms of the bonus on the website or you could always ask our support about bonus terms. Our support works 24/7 for you.

posted on October 14, 2014.

I still receive emails from Slotobank with no bonus terms, the bonus terms are still not in your Terms and Conditions and nor in the bonus section on your main site.

I believe this speaks for itself with regard to your approach to transparency and business ethics.

I have nothing more to add. To all those reading this, I ask that do a simple google search with regard to other player experiences at Slotobank and make up your on mind. I wish I had.

posted on October 15, 2014.

Dear Toby,

you can see bonus terms in bonus details on the main page of our website. Here is the link http:/­/sl­oto­ban­k.c­om/­en/­wel­com­e150-2/

posted on October 16, 2014.

That relates to your welcome bonus.

This was not a welcome bonus.

We are going round in circles now as this was addressed in my initial post here.

The disparity arises from these FACTUALLY CONFLICTING details taken DIRECTLY from your website:

YOU said - "The offer you that you have received in email was one time promo and the rules for bonuses are the same".

So, if this is the case then the rules for bonuses would be in your Terms and Conditions, right?


YOUR Terms and Conditions state this:

"Specific bonus conditions may be published on the website with the launch of specific bonus schemes."

So which is it? Are they the same or do they differ? Because they cannot be both as your website states in clear black and white.

I look forward to your reply.

posted on October 20, 2014.

Dear Toby,

As I have stated above you can find all bonus terms on our website or you can contact our support in order to figure out details of the particular bonus promotion.

posted on October 22, 2014.

You state on this page QUOTE "All bonuses are the same". You then state above QUOTE about details of a "particular bonus promotion"

I refer you to my last entry - which is it?

Where's any rules in your Terms and Conditions about the 10% rule?

As an aside, I see on this site that another player has since had issues with your "unique" revolving withdrawal process, following my 4th time lucky attempt at getting my 20 euros deposit back.

Admin: I have nothing more to add to this. It is clear that the Casino will not honour my withdrawal or offer any kind or compensatory gesture, and relies on quasi-rules, dual meaning and misinformation within its terms to suit its own business agenda.

posted on October 23, 2014.

This issue is resolved. It's clearly stated in the bonus promotion that player can put max bet of 10% of the bonus amount. We recommend to the player to read terms and conditions of the casinos and their promotions before he start playing or to contact their support to clear any doubt. Also casino return player's initial deposit.