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Cool Cat Casino - Can not get a replacement check or alternative form of payment

hazjones United States
Posted on April 18, 2015.

I played on a no deposit bonus and wagered the required play through. Now to he fair the casino issues a check a month later, however i had moved by that time. Since then i have been in constant communication with this casino in regards to issuing another check or alternative form of payment. The casino claims that it can not issue a wire transfer to a bank with no swift code, and unfortunately my bank just happens not to use a swift code. Instead of reissuing a check, this particular casino chooses to ignore me, along with bad customer service.

Posted on April 9, 2015.

Hi hazjones,

I’ve looked into this for you and from what I can see, this problem was created on your end. We held up our end by issuing the check as promised, delivered it to the address you instructed us to send it to.

In your chat sessions with the casino, you never once mentioned you’d moved—only that you were out of town. Now you are coming to AskGamblers and are stating that you moved (I’ve forwarded the chat sessions to AskGamblers management for their review).

If we were to reissue the check, we would have to place a stop payment on the previous check and then incur costs on reissuing a new check. This would essentially eat up your winnings. When this was your responsibility to notify the casino of a correct address, why should we be suffering the loss?

I’m sorry, but in this instance, we will not be reissuing a check.

I sincerely hope you can understand our position on this.


hazjones United States
Posted on April 10, 2015.

Hello Twani, and my dear friends at cool-cat casino

I guess the only ay to get a response out of cool cat casino it to go on public forum. First of all I appreciate the response. Understand I have been reaching out to this casino for months. Also it wasn't the fact that I happened to move, Its the fact that I never received an email that the check was issued, to even have a chance to look for the check. The only reason I know it as sent is because when I got an idea to check and see if this casino was really not going to pay me, That's when I got the information of the sent check, that as left outside the door of a vacant apartment. Quite honestly there are people on this forum with bigger issues with your casino then my measley 100 dollars. All in all, im just looking for fair treatment and customer service. I mean you offer all the great welcome bonuses, etc, etc, but when it comes time to pay the depositors, its a hassle. In your response you actually made it a point to make it sound like I was really in the wrong, and should have never even thought that another check could possibly reissued.. I mean I thought you are suppose to be a million dollar establishment, a casino. I bet if I ever did make a deposit and it didn't go though, your customer service would do everything in their power to help me deposit that money. But If I win, I cant get a reissued check. I never really expected to get paid from your casino anyway, sadly to say I was right. Oh well, no point crying over spilled milk. That's why if you gamble on-line, find good casino you can trust, and stick with it. What better way to tell if a casino will hold up there end of the bargain but to win on a free play and let there true colors show. Why the hell would I ever deposit money into your establishment, if I cant et the same great customer service when I want my winnings.

Thank you for being you.

Posted on April 18, 2015.

We consider this complaint unresolved. Player made a mistake and didn't inform casino of address change, but on the end player is entitled to his winnings. Unfortunately casino and a player didn't find a solution to this issue.

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