Red Flush Casino - Bonus wagering requirements tagged on to my account even though my balance was 0.00 before depositing

fueldrockets Canada
posted on December 4, 2014.

OK I made a $50 deposit of my OWN money today, an played for about 20-30 min, I got my total down to $40 at one point an decided to get out at $80, so I was very surprised to see that my total was $10 REAL an $70 Bonus, I have a recipt or Voucher from my visa deposit, an I was told that they were going to fix this very soon, So I went back 5 hours later to see what progress it had reached, only to have their pit boss tell me the reason why it went to bonus was because OF a FREE $50 they gave me last August, an already Busted out of, bit now they are saying that I still had $2000 in playthrough left on it, thats $400 up from what the last chat help told me I still had before I asked to speak with a Pit Boss, This guy said because I was given that FREE $50 it still had obligations or playthrough even though I deposited on a $00 account, an started with $50 of my own money, when I looked at my balance AFTER it wouldn't allow me to withdraw my $80 it said my balance was $10 real an $70 Bonus. UNBELIEVABLE!

fueldrockets Canada
posted on December 5, 2014.

They are trying to say that I deposited with Bonus money in my account, I didn't start gambling online yesterday, I know to ALWAYS check for that, PLUS I can say with 100% truth there was a small amount of bonus status on my account, .06 I believe, LIKE I always do I played it out BEFORE making a deposit. and I have a screen shot of my first spin on game of thrones for a total of $49.70 on a .30 cent spin.