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Posted on January 15, 2018

Dear Madam, Sir,

Herewith my complaint about this casino (again, i already made one, but with less information).
Last week , Sunday 7th i deposit 92 Euro wih my creditcard to my new created account.
I opt in for the welcome bonus, so i got 100% match up.

After some winnings my balance was 248. Due to the fact that the match up bonus is given in parts of 10% each, i want to check how this exactly works in the bonus section i my account. At that point i had waggered 73 euro and winnings , so my balance was at that point 248 euro.

Unfortunately i clicked to cancel the bonus, my mistake, i should have clicked "no".

But after this cancelation, my balance was reduced to 22 euro . In my opinion this is not possible, because it should be 92 then. (That i lost my winnings from playing with bonus is clear..no issue) But now i only played 73 (i also had some euro winnings from a couple of free spins ) and only have 22 left.. so i donated the money to this casino now and that is absolutely not what i want.

What i want is to have my 92 euro back at my creditcard, or that they reactivate the bonus at the point where i was.

I already sent a lot of emails , but the only 2 short reactioin were from 1 week ago, that they investigate the issue and let me know the result. This is the last remark i got from their side.. no solution till today. I think i already sent 15 reminders..no respond. What also is ery frustrating, there is no live chat or something, the phonenumber doesn't work nor skype.

In their first reaction they explained that canceling the bonus is not possible, well, unfortunately it is technically..
After this i explained that i cancelled it , and that i want that they reactivate it; THen they declare to investigate it.

Attached you can find all details and a part of the chat conversation.

Many thanks to help in advance.

Kind Regards,

Posted on January 15, 2018

Dear @playfairnow,

Please keep in mind that all your attachments have been removed due to the fact they were all containing sensitive personal information. Make sure to read carefully and comply with all Complaints Guidelines from now on.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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