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BitStarz Casino - Unfair treatment of a loyal customer!

posted on October 18, 2017.

I have been a player at bitstarz for ovwr 2 years have lost thousands and numerous times w9ndered if i should close my account. Noticed numerous glitches which i have screen shots of and raised with customer service constantly told its nothing to do with casino but with the software provides. Anyway over the past weekend spent thpusands and won nothing (which has gotten to be the norm here) on monday I emailed my vip manager and asked him could he please pay me my friday bonus early, which wpuldve been around the AU $500 mark being 8% of my deposits with no play through which was agreed with my vip manager over a year ago have emails to show this. So i emailed and said i had literally spent thousands with no wins and needed some of the money back and could he pay the friday bonus early cash it out and then close my account. He emails me back and says "Ive closed your account you have a gambling problem" so i asked if he could have left my account open until Friday 4 days away so i could atleast cash my bonus out myself? His response was "Account is closed and cannot be opened again" "And i cannot help with this" I also pointed out during these emails that i felt there was an issue with the slots as on the rare occasions I did win during play the slot would come up with an error message which i screen shotted not just from the last few days but from the last few months - have been told numerus times by support that they cant see when this happens and i need to repot ot straight away although im sure they could see everytime i have had to restart the game. Bitstarz have xheated me out of paying my loyalyy bonus by closing my account prior to awarded me the Friday loyalty bonus and in a quite deliberate fashion! I did tell the vio manager that i desperately needed the friday loyalty bonus back to aleast recoup some of the thousands i lost over 3 days and his automatic response was to close my account. I have kept emails from him over time. He has nly just now said i have a gambling problem which i am sure he may have noticed earlier! I am not happy at all about this. As I mentioned have played here for over 2 years the vip manager could have had the decency to leave the account open until friday to allow me to cash out my loyalty bonus. So bitstarz wins again

posted on October 21, 2017.

Dear all,

At BitStarz, we take problem gambling and potential gambling addiction extremely seriously, not only due to the fact that we would jepoardize our license if we didn't, but also because we have a moral responsibility. Therefore, we cannot and will not facilitate our services to someone who do hints that they have a problem with gambling.

Upon receiving communication in the same style as the above mentioned player, anyone with any basic training in responsible gaming would close the account immediately. The message received was the following:


"hi olle can you PLEASE award my friday bonus and then cash it out straight away PLEASE and then close my account. I've spent thousands over the last few days and i DESPERATELY NEED some of it back urgently. I have been a loyal player at bitstarz for over 2 years i really desperately need you to please do this
i know it is only monday but i need the money back asap, I will not be depositing anymore funds. Can you please accommodate this? I would not ask you if i did not desperately need to. Can you please find it in your heart to do this for me please olle"

Screenshot: https:­//w­ww.s­cr­een­cas­t.c­om/­t/1­Een­bWIgeoZ

The player had a cashback deal to receive 8% of the losses on Fridays, however, as the player hinted to be a problem gambler prior to receiving it, we had to make the decision to close the account right away. The same standard applies to all prizes that are given for promotions in the casino. If your account is closed prior to the reward of a prize from a tournament, it will be forfeited. I'm sure the above player can vouch for that we've been more than accommodating to her every request.

If we would leave the account open after receiving the above message and the player managed to make another deposit, we would be in serious problem with our license issuer for not closing down the account in the first place. Therefore we made the decision to permanently terminate the account of the player.

Kind Regards,

Olle Dickson
BitStarz Casino

posted on October 22, 2017.

I find this reply and the use of rules in regards to problem gambling completely unjustified olle. Yes you may have accodated me during my time at bitstarz but was not also you who received a similar email to this in august last year after i had played through nearly 10000 in one day? Your answer was to instead of award me 15% of my weekly deposits you would give me an 8% no play through bonus as a friday loyalty bonus? So at that time you would have also been on bteach of your commitment to problem gambling???? And also if that was the case you wouldve closed my account on many occasions prior to this. So it is as i stated a ploy by bitstarz to keep my friday bonus and nothing to do with responsible gaming. I also have copies of emails and since you have pointed out you would be in breach of gaming regulations than i shall be lodging a formal complaint with the appropriate services. After playing through almost 10000 and displaying the same issue you continued to allow me to do the same thing for another 14 months. And again it is to avoid paying the friday bonus. Askgamblers please see first attachmemt above where olle offered the 8% no play through friday loyalty - that was after he had received a similar email about the loss of nearly 10000 dollars in 1 day in August of 2016

posted on October 22, 2017.

Hi there,

As for the email received about giving you 8% in cash instead of bonus money, I cannot find anything in that email implying that you've had gambling problem. You mentioned that you didn't like wagering requirements and therefore wanted a cash reward instead.

Furthermore, we always try to warn players at once we feel that he or she is hinting problems, and helping them to take the first step towards closing the account, or putting limits. I have kindly asked you in the past to take this first step yourself, but at some point, we just have to take action. When you at multiple times hinted that you desperately needed money back, we had to make a decision to close your account permanently, because at that time, it was beyond doubt that you needed help.

It seems to me that you're claiming that this is an elaborate scheme not to pay out your bonus reward, however, if that was our intent, then how come we didn't choose to do it on the above date you're mentioning? That amount would have be quite a bit higher than the amount you're disputing.



posted on October 24, 2017.

I have numerous expressed distress at the amounts i was gambling i have attached screenshots of emails. For instance i deposited 14000+ in a week and emailed saying i was diatressed about this and you can see what the reply was there are numerous times i expressed this and numerous times my account shouldve been closed but butstarz let me deposit thousands again and then closed my account prior to the friday loyalty bo us being awarded. i have numerous emails i had sent to my "vip" manager i have attached just handful. As bitstarz is now claiming that they closed the account prior to the friday bonus as i had a gambling problem well that would have been easily identifiable earlier. So again iam certain bitstarz closed the account to avoid the friday bonus that i asked to be awarded and cash out immediately. There are still more emails which i can screenshot and upload. It seems bitstarz choose when they feel you are a problem gambler and as i mentioned numerous times the red flags were raised. BITSTARZ ARE AVOIDING THE FRIDAY LOYALTY. The answer to someone saying they are distressed about how much they played through is to give them a bonus of 8 percent with no play through i have fordwarded emails to ask gamblers

posted on October 25, 2017.

Hi there,

First of all, we'd like to see people take personal responsibility of their gambling, and upon receiving emails hinting potential gambling abuse, our first step is to inform you about limits, and to take the gambling down a notch, which we have (please check your emails). However, your last email was the straw that broke the camel's back. Upon hinting multiple times that you are desperate to get the money back, we had to make a decision to close it.

From a responsible gambling perspective, anyone with experience in this would have made the same decision. All members at BitStarz have gone through Responsible Gambling training, and the decision in your case was confirmed by our Customer Support Manager.

We've always kept our word to you during your time as a player, and maintained and honored our 8% deal with you, even on weeks where you have had less deposits than an average player. So claiming that we're trying to skimp out on a deal with you is frankly quite preposterous. Also, as mentioned, if this conspiracy theory that BitStarz would close your account just to avoid the cashback was true, then how come that wasn't done during a time where you had losses of up to twice the amount you lost last week?

As someone who has been extremely accommodating to your very request, honored the deal for a very long time, and always been of great service to you, I think it's quite hurting to receive a message that indicated that we're trying to deceive you. But I honestly don't think that you mean that. I honestly think you're just desperate to get some money back, and with that argumentation and messages received here, I believe you're confirming our original suspicion of being a problem gambler.

Kind Regards,

Olle Dickson

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