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BitStars Casino - Cheating on my winnings

Complaint Info
Disputed casino BitStarz Casino
Reason Missing Funds
Amount BTC 0.09
Posted on October 19, 2014

ll playing Vikings slots and I won the bonus game and it paid out what said to be9000­000­mbt­c.a­uto­mat­ically I didn't get credit for that when so I took a picture of it send it to bit stars and they replied back with yes 100% real win,but in this case you were paid in Satoshi bitcoin. Which translates to 90 MBTC which is also totally ridiculous because every game that I've ever won on any of their games it displayed 600 and that's what was credited into my account but for some reason this game this feature this bonus this amount was different. I would like to get paid my fair dues I'd advise people looking into playing here do not there not honest prior to this incident I submitted over 60 other photos of games I played on their website that had winning paylines that never paid out over maybe 6000 USD currency was owed to me and they come back with 200 MB TC and sorry computer bug this place is bad

Posted on October 15, 2014

Dear Michael,

As per our previous correspondence with you, we apologize for any inconvenience that might have been caused. We have established that a bug on the presentation graphics of the slot game you were playing was the cause of this confusion.

By looking at the possible pay-outs (pay-out table) you can clearly see that the maximum pay-out for the symbol is x100. Your bet at the time was that of 0.9 mBTC therefore your winnings resulted in 90mBTC which is in fact what we paid you. The discrepancy that occurred was in fact the win number that was shown which happened to be incorrect.

In the meantime we have also got in touch with our software provider who immediately acknowledged the mistake. When we asked them about this they said and we quote "Softswiss has conducted an investigation of the present issue and we are ready to share the results. The current error occurred in the bonus game, in other words a visual bug took place, which although very unlikely, can happen in rare occasions. As for the game logic - the game itself is completely fair. The winning sum is also calculated correctly. In addition the rules of Bonus Features state that If the ship comes first, the total bet is multiplied by 100, if it comes second, the total bet is multiplied by 10, and if it comes third, the total bet is multiplied by 1. As a result there is no reasonable basis to call this game unfair."

We understand your frustration completely and as you aforementioned, we have credited you with a bonus. In addition we have evaluated what the provider has indicated to us about this game and since they mentioned that although rarely such things may occur, we have acted immediately and taken it down from our system. The game is now no longer available.

Please accept our apologies once again, and we hope the answer is satisfactory.

BitStars Team

Posted on October 18, 2014

Dear @michael.bercier.3,
Is this complaint resolved? Can we close it, thank you.

Posted on October 23, 2014

Dear @michael.bercier.3,
Are you satisfied with a resolution from the casino? It's a good practice to respond to the complaint and state is it resolved or not. Thank you.

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