Betvictor casino - account closed?!

posted on September 16, 2013.

I sign up to bet victor then I deposit then I play for their bonus after I played and fulfill the tier 2 bonus then they closed my account immediately because I am from the Philippines, Iam withrawing my bonus but suddenly they said that I cannot withraw anything because they closed my account, In the first place if the philippines is banned from their casino why did they allow me to deposit and play? after I fulfill the bonus immediately they closed my account. I am asking them to withraw my tier 2 bonus but they declined, I fulfill that bonus in

almost a week. I ask them to withraw that bonus and then closed my account if my country was banned but they said their decission is final, so where can I complain? Then I finally reach your website. I am expecting to escalate this complain to the authorities, I cannot submit any documents because my account was closed I cannot logged in to make screen shots.

Thank you for your help