Betvictor Casino - Account Suspended, Payment Delayed

posted on June 8, 2015.

I am writing with regret the problems that I am being faced on my account at My username is raja1977.
On the 01 June 2015, I deposited and won up to £7,000+, I made a withdrawal of £5,000 to my Neteller account and lost the remaining funds.
I was asked to send in documents which I duly complied to and received an email the next morning informing me that my account has been verified. The account was reinstated at that point.
After a few days later on the 04 June 2015, I won £23,100.00 and this is currently in my account. My account was again blocked and I was asked to send in more documents including a copy of my Halifax bank statement.
I have provided this document and was told on live chat that this has been verified by our Security team. However the account remains restricted as they are awaiting confirmation of my Neteller account. The screenshot that I sent for my Neteller account was already verified, that is why they initially sent and approved my £5,000 withdrawal on 01 June 2015.
I am now confident that they are now giving me a deliberate run around because I have won a substantial amount, but that is mainly based upon me being lucky or due to my ethnicity which results in serious consequences as this relates to being racist . Had I lost the amount of my deposits or had not won I can surely say they would not restrict my account and neither give me the run around.
I have also contacted Neteller and told them what BetVictor has stated to me. Neteller have informed me that they do not provide personal information to merchants, normally customers can show a screenshot of their Neteller account and that is verified. Nevertheless BetVictor could actually telephone Neteller and provide my Neteller account ID and that would be resolved without any further delay. But reluctant to do that is another point to be noted.
I am providing you with all the evidences of emails and documents to this email.
I am very disappointed in the service they are currently providing me with and I am sure that once you contact them and ask them a few questions and undertake an investigation then they will realize what they are doing is completely and utterly wrong.
Please note my next course of action shall be to take this matter through legal proceedings if they fail to put more delays into my account reinstating and or processing of my withdrawals.
Accept my humble request to help me in this matter and Thank you in advance.
Kind Regards,

posted on June 11, 2015.

I have just contacted support on live chat, they keep telling me that my account is still being reviewed by their security manager,

I have been informed that my deposits have been received by BetVictor and show as cleared funds in their merchant banking account.

I am now in a significant loss as my account with BetVictor is still suspended and I do not have access t my funds or account.

The next course of action will be to take this matter through Court.