BetPhoenix Casino Winnings

posted on January 12, 2012.

Here is the synopsis...I have been playing at betphoenix casino in the slot tournaments. I deposited 40.00 and played nothing but the slot tournaments. I had my money built up to over 1300.00 and then tried to withdraw some of it. I put in for the withdrawal on 9/4/2010. Member services sent me an email on 9/7/2010 stating that I needed to send in my documents to process my withdrawal. On 9/8/2010 the very next day I was sent an email stating that there was a free chip in my account. Why didn't they notify me of this on 9/7/2010 before they asked me to send in my documents? They also told me that there are two different kinds of chips coupon free chips and courtesy free chips. Courtesy free chips show up in your real balance and you can't use them at your leisure. Supposedly that is what I received. I was playing on real money that I deposited. They claim that their automated system was down to notify me that a free chip had been deposited into my account. All that they can give me is an apology but the thing is that they admitted that they were at fault. I should be able to withdraw my money. I guess they were looking for a loophole so they created one. Needless to say since that happened to me the pots have dropped dramatically. They used to have set pots of 200.00 300.00 450.00 etc. Now they start at zero and build from there. They only ones that are set now are the free tournaments. I just want people to be aware of this casino and the reputation that they are building for themselves. I have more info if you need it.