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Always Cool Casino - Took deposited $, gave NDB

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Always Cool Casino
Reason Bonus terms violation
Posted on May 16, 2014


AC Casino- I deposited $25 and I had made $150 -they offered $67 free bonus-ok-when i redeemed it they took my $150 & gave me lousy $67. at Pamper Casino i have deposited many times-when offer of free bonus it is always ADDED to whatever monies i may already have. also at other casinos if playing from deposit $ and no deposit free bonus is offered-it has stated that if i continue with free bonus i will lose anything already there-that’s fine. i contacted AC 5 different times and just now rec’d answer. actually rec’d 2 emails, 1st one sent was survey for me to fill out about AC’s response to my email(s)! 2nd email said "Please note that is stated in our Terms and Conditions, you may not have bonus money from 2 bonuses in your account at the same time. Therefore, the system is configured to automatically remove (zero-out) any existing bonus money from your casino account whenever you redeem a bonus. This only works for deposit bonuses so be sure not to have any free chip money in your account when you redeem a deposit bonus. If you have free chip money your balance needs to be $ 1 or below for you to be considered zeroed out."

really don't understand explanation-they have it reversed-i had made deposit(rec'd a dep bonus with it) then when i redeemed ndb it took my deposited earnings! so the part about be sure not to have any free chip $ in account when redeeming dep bonus is incorrect. already had deposit $ in account when collected a ndb of $67. in my opinion should have told me i would lose my deposited $ earnings if i redeemed-of course i wouldn't have. certainly would rather have my own $150 than their $67!!

i will never ever go there again-they can take the $67 and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine-i am on a mission to tell anyone that will listen how sneaky and deceitful they are. i wonder how many others have lost their deposit money this way. mostly, it is obvious that they don’t care about their members. STAY CLEAR!

Thanks for listening-1 forum down-tons to go-lol.

Posted on July 7, 2011

Since the player has not played with the free chip we have revoked it and restored her previous balance. We request her to be more careful in the future and read the terms and conditions carefully before redeeming any bonuses.

Posted on July 8, 2011

after almost giving up when u emailed me last week & said since there was no response from AC from my complaint-i was so upset! then i rec'd your email today reminding me that my issue with them would be permanently closed-also that it would be marked solved.....................well yesterday i was pleasantly surprised to see that AC had reversed the ND bonus of $67 & returned my deposited earnings of $150.01-suggested i be more careful in the future! lol!!!

anyway, i was planning on notifying you but thank u for reminding me to do it today!!!

i appreciate what u stand for & have great respect for your site. i will strongly suggest to anyone who has an online casino issue to go to where they get things done & they rock!!!

have a great weekend!


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