Slots Plus Casino - Almost 3 weeks and still no money

posted on July 19, 2016.

I verified with the security department at the casino that all my documentation required was filed as needed. I have put thousands in this casino and when I try to withdraw $1000, they give me a song and dance about problems with there payment processor. It will be paid at the end of next week, or the week after.... Getting nowhere with these people.

posted on July 20, 2016.

Dear Brian1
Please contact our Finance Dept for updates on your withdrawal request. You will be paid on a first in / first out basis. Thank you

posted on July 21, 2016.

So I contacted Slots Plus finance dept. as they suggest in their post. They have no idea of the status. If you file a complaint on this thread the supervisor takes over. Same old run around. They are running out of time because I am running out of patience.