Slot Crazy Casino - Allowed deposits then closed account and refuse refund

JT921 United Kingdom
posted on December 21, 2015.

I recently opened an account on this casino via this website. I attempted a first deposit however it was declined due to a payment method issue. I then made a deposit via another payment method and was later excluded from the account due to the issue with the first payment method which was unsuccessful, as it was used on another account on a sister casino which I was self excluded on.

I understand why the account was banned and I do not mind this, I was not aware that this casino was part of this group. However I believe it is unacceptable that the first deposit was clearly flagged, the casino allowed a further deposit via another payment method then closes the account when funds lost due to the first payment being flagged for duplicate accounts.

I also understand that it is partly my responsibility to check casino groups when registering, but in this case given the obvious lack of efficiency and concern on your part, as the account in my view should have been suspended far sooner, I would like the deposit refunded.

posted on December 26, 2015.


Any update regarding your complaint? Thank you.