African Palace Casino - Nearly 1 month and have not received my withdrawal .

posted on April 3, 2014.

After many live chats and phone calls they keep saying that I will receive my withdrawal soon . First if I will not contact them by myself I will probably wait forever , I found out that their first excuse was that I need to make a first deposit of min. 25 euro - ( before that I was chatting about 10 times on live chat and nobody has told me that there needs to be a min deposit made ). I have made that deposit of 25 euro and after a week there was still no money on my account , so I rang them and they said they are sorry for the delay and there is no problem with my withdrawal and I should receive it soon , but I still didnt get nothing.

Next I was chatting again on the live chat with Tanya.P and I have found out that they require now my documentations .(of course if I will not ask for what is wrong with it I will never know that there need to be any documentations sended ) . So I have send those and they have been verified , and they told me I need to wait now from 1-5 bussiness days to receive my withdrawal . All together that was my 4th time of 1-5 bussiness days waiting .

I rang them today 03.04.2014 and I have been told again that I will receive my withdrawal next week again , but how can I still believe in this if after that many live chats and phone calls I havent got it yet .

I really dont know what to do with it now , if someone can help me with this case PLEASE.