Bovada Casino - Account hacked, but casino refused to cooperate

posted on November 13, 2015.

on 11-11-15 I deposited two amounts one for $200 and the other on 11-12-15 for $200. I won and I asked to receive my funds by check. one for the amount of $2705 and the other for the amount of $2950. I received both emails one with the reference number of 67417862 for the amount of $2705 and the other reference number 67455756 for $3,000 ($2950 minus the $50 fee). The last time I logged into my account was the morning of 11-12-15 around 10:30am when I asked for the second refund amount. I received the confirmation email with the withdrawal request and it said it would be sent to be reviewed. I then headed out to the store around 12:00 pm and was out until 4pm or so. between that time I lost my phone at grocery store or when I went to put in gas I'm not exactly sure but it was lost here in chowchilla, ca. I called to report my phone lost but was advised in order to track my phone it cannot be disconnected right away. I filed a police report and that was it. the next morning I logged into my computer to check my emails and I had three emails from bovada. one said my request for the second withdrawal was approved and to wait 7 business days. the other two was saying my password was changed and one from the deposit assistance team saying my deposit did not go through. I was not signed into my bovada account and I even had cleared my internet history like I always do. I never changed my password and I never logged into my account again after I requested my last refund. I emailed bovada back this morning right away saying I did not ask to change my password and they emailed me back to call them. I let them know I did not have a phone and needed to wait until my carrier opened to go purchase a phone. I was able to call them only to be told my refund request were both cancelled and were placed to be used as credits on my account. I was told my password was changed and the request were all cancelled from the the same mobile device around 1am on 11-13-15. I explained my situation and how I was not the one who changed my password and cancelled my request. I was told that the request were done from atwater, ca and I live in chowchilla, ca. Atwater is about 45 mins from here and I was no were near Atwater on the day my phone was lost. they told me all the different games my credits were used to be played and said it was consistent with the ones I played. I only played greedy goblins that was the only one I played on 11-11 and 11-12. I told the "financial department" I had filed a police report for my lost phone is someone found it and turned it in. She told me not to tell the police I played at bovada or anything about bovada. I don't see why this would be a problem I have nothing to hide if anything it is them that has something to hide. How do I not know they are just lying amount the balance being used on my account and them not just taking my balance so they won't pay me for the amounts. So here I am extremely upset they did not want to help me and made me feel like a liar and a thief when I am the victim here. Please help me

posted on November 17, 2015.

I want to add that I have provided bovada with the police officers name and the contact information to contact him. Of course Bovada wants nothing to do with the police so do not contact him. I called them after I had submitted my dispute here. I was told still there is nothing they can do since it was from the same mobile device. Of course it was Hello my phone was lost! I did let them know I submitted a dispute and I was told that was fine they will deal with you guys then as well. This shocked me! really deal with you guys then, Wow.

posted on November 17, 2015.

I also did not have any saved emails from bovada. I did however have my email account on my phone. As most people with a smart phone do as well. The only way someone could have found out I had a deposit coming was from the confirmation email bovada had sent me later on that afternoon after my phone was no longer in my possession, I assuming. I know people say never to assume but bovada is assuming I was the one that cancelled both of the cash withdrawals. The only thing that I do not understand is how bovada thinks I cancelled the withdrawals to use the credits. Why would someone that has two large checks in "your name" have to cancel the withdrawals if you know they are in "your name" and you will be able to cash them. This makes no since to me.

posted on November 20, 2015.


This situation was investigated and the results discussed with the player. We didn't find any unusual activity, and as per our terms of service, players are responsible for all transactions on their accounts. Having said that, if the player still has questions about the activity since posting here, they are welcome to contact us at any time so we can address their concerns.

Best regards,

Bovada Service

posted on November 20, 2015.

Typical so what you are saying is because it was done from the mobile device that was lost then there is nothing you can do. So my issue will not be resolved is that correct? I called and asked bovada if they will not be writing me both checks that I won then they should at least give me back the two deposits I did. Of course they said no they will not be issuing me a refund either. I will be seeking further action with the media and my bank. Bovada must be exposed and I will make sure of this

posted on November 23, 2015.

After thorough review of the complaint and the fact that players are always responsible for protecting their account security and responsible for any activity on their account as per casino's terms of service they agreed to upon sign up https:­//w­ww.b­ov­­/te­rms­-of­-se­rvice we have no other option but to mark this complaint as resolved and officially closed. We would also like to remind player that in case of a disagreement with our decision, further assistance could be requested from Bovada Casino licensing authority.