Total Gold Casino - Account closed with no explanation and no responsibility

posted on April 27, 2015.

I opened an account and during the evening I staked roughly 305pound in cash. I withdraw 650 pound. I then reduced my deposit limit so I didn't spend any more until I received my withdrawal. after keeping an eye on my balance for 2 days I realised that the account was blocked. they never sent any emails or reason behind this. 72 hours has passed since I phoned up and they stated security department have blocked it and I can't speak to them. I have read horror stories in the link below since as I Googled them http:/­/bi­­/on­lin­e-b­ing­o-c­omp­lai­nts­/ca­ssa­va-­ban­-co­nta­ct/­ban­ned­-ca­ssa­va-­sto­ries/
they haven't offered an explanation, I have phoned 3 times and nothing, I am owed 650pound and they are not forthcoming with information why I was blocked. within 12 hours I deposited 350 and withdrew 650 my withdrawal hasn't appeared in my bank and I am increasingly worried that they have not only taken 305pound from me but are withholding 650 they owe. Please help as they are not responding to any requests. Attached is that was supposed to reach my account but they clearly haven't processed this.
many thanks

posted on April 29, 2015.

Further to this they have responded and refunded my deposit of 355 stating I have been self excluded from there other casava sites. they haven't divulged what sites and not given me any information regarding what accounts dates and reason for self exclusion. they owe me over 300pound as I won over 600 but they only refunded my deposits. Therefore I am requesting they pay me the 305 still owed. even if I was self excluded from any of there other sites the reason would be only down to me closing an account due to either not liking the platform or that I didn't feel lucky with them so moved onto another casino but closed one behind me rather than having plenty open. I feel that they have only done this as I have made a withdrawal. if they don't pay me the 305 pound they owe me I will request they send me all accounts I have had with them, (if any) amounts deposited, withdrawn and date and reason of closure. With the freedom of information act I am entitled to this. therfore stop stealing my winnings and just pay me what I am owed or give me the information regarding any other accounts that I supposedly hold with you.
adee 1977