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777 Casino - Delayed withdrawal & dreadful service

Complaint Info
Disputed casino 777 Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount £ 3250
Posted on April 11, 2019

I am absolutely disgusted and overall mega stressed with the whole situation with 777. The lack of contact and explanation is disgusting and I am quite honestly appalled at how I’ve been treated by

Over 3 weeks ago now I deposited on this site, played several games and then deposited more money into my account. I started playing some slot games and managed to get my winnings up to 3250. So I decided to withdraw as I was up on the deposits

I made the withdrawal on april 2 2019 and went to bed . I requested withdrawal and nothing happened for 7 days then I send 7 emails and they replied once and said just that they wanted documents. I uploaded these and email stating it would be dealt with within 72 hours which never happened, In all of this time I have not heard from them once. I called Thursday, Friday and now today and no one is none the wiser about what is happening. This is over 10 now since I’ve won money and I’ve not had a single person contact me to let me know what’s happening, no explaining as to why my withdrawal was not processed . I jumped through every hoop they have asked and still nothing...dreadful company ..and they are owned by which is listed on the london stock exchange

Still absolutely nothing.....

I won’t be waiting much longer before I take it to all of the relevant authorities and commissions I can.

Not hearing back anything so far my next steps to get a fair settlement if i dont get any response until middle of next week will be:

A) Gibraltar Gambling Comission. There is a form for complaints i will share with you in case this casino keeps behaving like this versus clients (CRRF - Complaints Resolution Request Form)

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