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Royal Vegas Casino - Withdrawal of €220 unfairly declined

alexpsx Cyprus
posted on February 24, 2018.

Hi. These past few days all the Fortune Lounge Casinos have refurbished their casinos and i liked it a lot since i am an old player there especially at Royal Vegas casino. New look , new bonuses and etc. These past few days they had some really nice bonuses that cought my attention , since i am a low roller , deposited and played and luckily won. I have asked for 2 withdraws for 220 and 100 euros. I was checking my account to see if my withdraws were processsed and i saw the first one for 220 euros that it was processed to go to my card and the second one for 100 was still pending. Normally the first one was going to hit my bank yesterday but i checked and it didnt come through. I have contacted my bank to check that if i had something but they told me there was nothing. I then contacted Royal Vegas casino to see what is going on and their answer caught me off guard. They said that i had disputed amounts that had to be covered and that my withdraws werw going to be held to cover the specific amount. I told them that i had never a problem with any of the Fortune Lounge casinos nor i disputed anything with them ever. I have been a player with them for a long time now and never had a problem with them. I told them that before 2 or 3 years ago i had a problem with a Palace Group casino , specifically Spin Palace that have cheated me and proved with evidence at that time that they did and won the case and i was credited back my deposits. And i told them that Palace Group is one thing and the Fortune Lounge is another. If Fortune Lounge and Royal Vegas had a problem why did they leave me to play all this time , depositing and losing and now that i have won they held my 220 winnings to pay another casino that is not even in their group and its entirelly another case and which is totally unfair to me. Their support was excelent during this time and i wanna thank Daniella , Anne and Simone for their great assistance all the way of this procedure. I have checked the Royal Vegas terms and conditions and dont say that they affiliate with the Palace group , just if there is a problem with any Fortune Lounge casino then you are banned from the Fortune Lounge group. They said to me today that my second withdraw of 100 was send to me to my card , but my 220 euro withdraw will be held to pay the debt of another casino and which is unfair to me , as i mentioned for the reasons above that Fortune Lounge is a totally different group , a case that i have won fair and square , a case that has been 2 or 3 years ago and winnings that have been won fair and square at Royal Vegas casino. Royal Vegas have asked me for supporting evidence of that case which now i cannot provide after 2 or years. I want please my square and fair winnings of 220 euros and if Royal Vegas or the Fortune Lounge group they had a problem with another situation with a totally diferent group or casino they should simply block me or eject me as a player , so i didnt play with them and not to come in this predicament that we have right now. I just want my winnings and if they dont want me as a player , then they can close my account. Thank you.

alexpsx Cyprus
posted on February 25, 2018.

Just an update. I have spoken yesterday with Nikita a customer service representative through the phone and he said that he will give me a call on Monday night to see how we can settle this dispute together with the Operations Team. I have also received an email from Larisa regarding this subject , that i will be contacted on Monday night , which i replied to it. The 100 euro withdraw that the casino send me on the 23rd of February , still didnt hit my bank account and hopefully it will in the upcoming days. I will keep this thread posted about it also. I hope that we will find a mutual solution to this dispute , based of what i have wrote in my original complain , and that i have right about it. Again until now , through out this complain , the customer support was very kind and helpful and i wanna thank them again for their support to my complain.

alexpsx Cyprus
posted on February 26, 2018.

Hi again. Unfortunately i was not contacted tonight by Royal Vegas as promised twice. I have called them and chatted with a Greek representative Anna and we were going back and forth about my dispute and the phone call i was expecting from them to settle the dispute , but unfortunately nothing. She insisted that they belong to Bayton , but i have just send to Askgamblers team proofs , that it doesnt come even close. In the Fortune Lounge website and their casinos it states that they belong to Digimedia and not Bayton. Also here at AskGamblers they state that they belong to Digimedia. I have also filled a complain against them this past Friday for this dispute at ECOGRA and the MGA , which MGA replied and in a part of their answer it stated that they have contacted DIGIMEDIA for my dispute and nowhere it says at their email the word BAYTON. I have forwarded all evidences to AskGamblers. For me that time that i played at a Palace Group casino and now they want to take my winnings to settle a dispute , a dispute that at that time they were not even together and i continued to play at Fortune Lounge casinos without any hassle , until now. Just an update for the viewers to know by their words , the Palace Group, Fortune Lounge , Lucky 247 and GoWild ltd , belong to the same faction , although it doesnt state it anywhere , i have dig up to find this info and they just share the same address in Malta , i meen their offices and nothing more to see that all are one and for the players to know. Thank you.

alexpsx Cyprus
posted on February 28, 2018.

Hi. I got an update for my complain here. Firstly i have been paid today my second withdraw of my 100 euros to my card. Also late morning hours , around 2 o'clock my time , I have received an email from the greek representative of Royal Vegas casino , Anna , which i have read just now , that they will pay me my first withdraw of 220 euros this morning. I just called now in the afternoon to Royal Vegas casino to verify it and they told me that something happened and they didnt pay me today and they re-assured me that they will pay it first thing tomorrow morning. I told them that i will update the complain that i have for them here in AskGamblers and i will leave open and pending my 2 other complains that i have with eCOGRA and the MGA until the payment is released and to go my card. I will send also to AskGamblers the email that i have received from Royal Vegas casino , verifying what i have said above. I will keep you posted. Thank you.

alexpsx Cyprus
posted on March 2, 2018.

Hi. I have checked today my account at Royal Vegas casino and saw that my withdraw of 220 euros , has been accepted to be paid to my card. So fingers crossed for my withdraw to hit my account next week. I have send the relevant info with email to AskGamblers support.

alexpsx Cyprus
posted on March 5, 2018.

Hi. I have called my bank this morning to confirm to me if they have received my withdraw of 220 euros and they have confirmed me that they did , but they said to me that they will credit it tomorrow morning to my account. So fingers crossed that it will happen tomorrow in the morning so i can close this complain succesfully and also notify eCogra and the MGA about it.

alexpsx Cyprus
posted on March 6, 2018.

Hi. With great happyness i would like to mention that this morning i have received in my bank account the amount of 220 euros from Royal Vegas. I would like to thank Royal Vegas for their understanding and cooperation on this matter and also i would like to thank AskGamblers for their full support through out my complain. I have also informed through email to eCogra and the MGA about the success of the outcome for this complain , so it will be closed from their side also. Thank you again, AskGamblers you can mark this complain as resolved.

posted on March 6, 2018.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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