Smart Live Gaming Casino - 14 grand unpaid for 6 weeks, and no email contact

malsbury United Kingdom
posted on July 25, 2016.

I have been an active player at Smart Live since early April, and have fully verified my account since 19th April.

On 13th of June I withdrew £13 786. Clearly Smart Live see this sum as being big enough to hold on to, as they have felt it acceptable to indefinitely hold on to the cash with no explanation as to why.

On live chat I was told 5 weeks ago by "James" that it would take "3-5 days".

This story has now changed, and they claim that they cannot give time scales or make any promises as to when they will pay. Surely this is a breach of gambling regulations?

On July 9th I escalated the complaint via their official complaints process. I have still not freceived ANY response to that from the complaints team or the customer service team, despite following up to to both them and the standard customer support email contacts on the 14th.

To date there have been no replies or contact since I began the complain escalation process.

I do however receive a epic amount of spam detailing their games, apparently they still have my contact details.

malsbury United Kingdom
posted on July 26, 2016.

This sparked the following response from the complaints team:

Dear Dan,

Thank you for your recently filed complaint. First and foremost we would like to take the opportunity to express our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you have experienced due to the delay in receiving your withdrawal.

Having reviewed your case thoroughly, we can confirm that your requested withdrawal has unfortunately been affected by the ongoing changeover of our payment provider.

While the best efforts were taken to minimise the disruption to our valued members such as yourself, on this particular occasion we have failed to deliver on our commitment of processing all withdrawals within our 3-5 day timeframe.

We can confirm that your payment will be processed as soon as possible however this may take up to 30 business days from today. (Please be advised that It may also be less than 30 days)

Once again, Smart Live Casino expresses our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this may cause you and would like to thank you for your understanding while we work to resolve the issue.

Kind Regards,

Complaints Team

The first thing to note is that in countless conversations with live chat and via email, the switching of th payment provider has never been mentioned.

The second thing to note is the acknowledgement that it may take another 30 days, another whole 25 more than the 5 days they say they are sorry for woefully missing already.

I'm starting to fear that smart live are illiquid and delaying payments for this reason.

Please pay me within 3-5 days. Another 30 is unacceptable.