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Why Are Danish players banned at most online casinos?

Why Are Danish players banned at most online casinos?

Players from Denmark don't seem very welcomed at most online casinos. If you have read the terms and conditions at most you'll find special text written about our Danish friends saying either they are not eligible for promotions or must wager many times more than all other players. It seems that Danish players love online casinos but why don't online casinos love Danish casino players?

The team at AskGamblers decided to investigate and find out why some of these countries tend to have higher wagering restrictions or full signup bonus restrictions. A quick look at a few online casino reveals the following terms: Casino states in their promotional terms and conditions:

The casino does now allow players from Denmark, Poland, Netherlands or Finland to claim bonuses due to high bonus abuse coming from those countries." takes things further:

Bonuses are not available to players in Denmark, Israel, United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Lebanon, Romania, Poland and Russia. is very blunt about how they feel about players from Denmark stating:

Due to an overwhelming history of promotional abuse, players from Denmark, Poland, Japan, China and Israel will be forced to abide by separate wagering requirements for offered promotions. These can be found in our Promotions terms and conditions.

So the facts seem to appear on the online casino sites. Of course this doesn't seem to be a problem with online poker as these northern European countries tend to attract many poker players producing some talented pros. Sportsbetting is the same, so players from Denmark love to gamble but let's get to the story of why Denmark was targeted.

Bonus hunting on blackjack

Back in the early 2000s players could easily bonus hunt casinos claiming the signup bonus and playing perfect blackjack strategy. A typical bonus would look something like this: Deposit $100 get a $50 bonus and wager the deposit plus bonus 3 times. Yes only 3 times the wagering requirements and no games excluded. No wonder why there was a problem back then and why you can only play slots now. This meant that if you played this bonus as a bonus hunter or bonus whore, you practically walked away with their $50. Many players were doing this and it even lead to secret forums appearing such as which eventually turned into truegangsta which had a secret URL with both sites boasting over 600 members that paid over $200 to join. There were also secret groups in Europe doing the same then suddenly a Danish TV show put Denmark on the gambling map.

It seems the owner of a Danish affiliate portal affiliate went on a tv show to explain to the viewers of how to profit from the online casinos using blackjack as a means of basic strategy for bonus hunting. The affiliate probably made good money from the viewers clicking on his links but that was the beginning of the end. Online casinos were being flooded by Danish players and experience more than just bonus hunting but multiple accounts and chargeback players who didn't win while trying to bonus whore. Some casinos that paid the players did go out of business as casino managers didn't know what was hitting them. Other casino groups immediately started bonus banning Danish players while others would let them play and not pay out the cashout if they happened to win.

This abuse plus after the fact player theft eventually caused more online casinos to change their terms. Players from Denmark either had to wager more or were just outright banned from the signup bonus completely. Other T&C changes included making slots only eligible for the signup bonus. Eventually most casinos at some point had to change their terms to exclude table games and video poker. This eventually started to hurt blackjack and video poker sites as they were left without many bonuses worth promoting. Unfortunately this is the nature of the game. It is ironic that despite all of this mess of trying to cut down on bonus abuse that casinos are now resorting to no deposit bonuses to attract more players.

As long as the bonus exists for the players there will always be bonus hunting. As for Danish players they may have to live without signup bonuses at casinos but they are certainly welcomed and loved by sportsbooks and poker sites.

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