PartyCasino: $903,277.16 on  PartyMega Jackpot

PartyCasino: $903,277.16 on PartyMega Jackpot

35-year-old roofer Matt Eilenberger is planning to put a new roof over his head after scooping a record $903,277.16 on's PartyMega jackpot. Eilenberger, a married father of three from Central Point, Oregon, hit the jackpot with a $9 stake on the Super Fortune Wheel, and is now planning at trip to Vegas for his sixth wedding anniversary.

"I was planning to take my wife Alicia to a cabin in the woods to celebrate our anniversary, but we're going to Vegas instead. We can't wait," said Eilenberger. "When I told her that I'd won it took quite some time for the news to sink in - we both slept for only two hours over the next two days."

"I can quite honestly say that until a few weeks ago I had won nothing in my life. I hit a $3,000 jackpot on back in June, and on the day of my big win I won $4,200 a few hours before. It's unbelievable," he said.

"I started playing slots on at the end of last year. Before that I played a lot of poker, but went through a run where I was getting sucked out on the river so I thought I would try the casino."

Eilenberger is in no doubt about what he'll do with the money - and it has nothing to do with the tables in Vegas. "I have already bought a Viper and a Mini Cooper. I'm also looking to sell my house and get a bigger one!" Space has been a problem for Matt and Alicia, whose three children, Jacob, 11, Tyler, 9, and Marissa, 5, will now have more room to roam.

He also plans to make a major change to his lifestyle. "I own a roofing company and would love to be in a position where I only have to work one or two days a week, but we'll just have to wait and see."

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