PartyCasino: $765,459.00  Super Star Mega Jackpot

PartyCasino: $765,459.00 Super Star Mega Jackpot is proud to announce its biggest ever winner in Germany. A 30-year-old food industry manager from Central Germany scooped a record 579,000 euros ($765,459.00) on its Super Star Mega jackpot on May 6, 2006.

The winner, known on both and as 'Phantom25', is living up to his name. He wants to vanish quietly with his monster win from an Internet slots machine and is spooked by the prospect of being named.

"It has taken three days to sink in that I have won this amount of money. I keep calculating how many years it would take to earn as much money as this," he said, shivering with delight.

The Phantom and his girlfriend now plan to go on a holiday to celebrate the win. "When I first told her I had won she kept saying I must be joking. She thought it was a mistake and so did I. We are now looking forward to a break. I work a lot so it will be good to spend some quality time together." Will he be going to Amityville? "No, we will be going somewhere very nice," he said.

What is the secret to this ghost busting the biggest jackpot in German history? "I have played a lot of skat but to me poker is the new skat. I also read a lot of gambling books, but really I just love the Internet. When there is no one to play with in person you know there is somewhere where you can get a game. I only downloaded the casino software three weeks ago but have been playing poker for around one and a half years."

The Phantom acknowledges that this is the biggest win of his life. He's only hit the jackpot once in his 30 years.

A spokesman said: "One of the Phantom's plans is to buy a house: He's got to hope it isn't haunted. Then again, it's got be hard to be haunted by winning this amount of money. We congratulate him on becoming the biggest winner we have ever had from Germany."

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