PartyCasino: Grandmother of six wins $1.2 million

PartyCasino: Grandmother of six wins $1.2 million

They say lightning doesnt strike twice and winning a huge jackpot more than once in your life is even less likely. However, AuntyPam, a regular player, is in shock after hitting a massive $500,000 jackpot back in July. She celebrated this fantastic news but was on the verge of fainting when she won a SECOND even bigger jackpot just nine days later. Her total winnings exceeded a phenomenal $1.2 million, the result of TWO Party Mega Jackpots

The 53-year-old was shocked by her massive win, and had to call her 75 year old father to receive assurance that it had really happened: It took him a while to convince me that what had just happened was real, she said. Her second win came when she was away at a seminar. She called and woke her husband to tell him. He was stunned, and called her back the next day to ask if he had dreamt it. It certainly seems like a dream to me, said AuntyPam.

Winning at has made a massive difference to AuntyPams life. These jackpots are life-changing. My husband and I are close to retirement and, although we are comfortable, these jackpots are a huge security net for us.

Pam plans to save a portion of her winnings away for the future and to use some of the giant win on improving her familys life by remodelling their home and paying off debts. Shes even got a few treats in mind, including buying a Mercedes Benz instead of the Honda shed been saving for. Her husband will also get a four-wheeled surprise: The Corvette he always dreamt of will soon be in the garage thanks to AuntyPams winning streak.

AuntyPam currently has her sights set on her perfect Mediterranean vacation. Id like to visit Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Usually if you have the time you dont have the money and vice versa. Now I need to renew my passport and start planning my trip!

The lucky small business owner is not only a favourite aunty she is also a super gran and is thinking of her six grandchildren: They might not know how much I won, but they do know that they are all getting special treats. It looks like gifts all round for Pams family. Congratulations from everybody at

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