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MyCitadelWallet is an online e-wallet solution that allows users to transfer money to and from their bank, other users, and various merchants such as online casinos. The service is accepted at over 20 different online casinos as both a deposit and a withdrawal method.

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myCitadelWallet Overview

As is the case with most e-wallets, myCitadelWallet gives users the ability to transfer funds to and from online casinos conveniently and securely. The company prides itself on low fees, instant customer-to-merchant transfers, and speedy service in all other aspects. Although their services are most popular in Canada, myCitadelWallet operates around the globe.

Starting up with myCitadelWallet

Interested in setting up a myCitadelWallet account? Begin by visiting the myCitadelWallet official website. There you will be guided through the registration process, which includes providing your personal information for identity verification and setting up your methods of funding. These methods will vary based on your location.

In some cases, myCitadelWallet may be unable to automatically verify your details. In these cases, you'll need to complete their certification process before you can continue using your myCitadelWallet account. This process requires either identity or address verification and will take several days to complete.

Adding into and Withdrawing from myCitadelWallet

To put money into your myCitadelWallet, you must pick from a set of options available for your specific jurisdiction. If you reside in Canada, France, Germany, Spain, or the U.K., you can use your Visa or MasterCard to deposit into your myCitadelWallet. All jurisdictions can use some form of bank transfer, which may or may not incur fees.

If you want to get your money out of myCitadelWallet, you will need to check the Pricing and Fees page and search for your specific country. The available methods vary widely, but every jurisdiction has some form of direct bank deposit available, either through domestic transfer or international wire. Again, you will also want to see what the fees are before deciding on your method of choice.

Advantages of myCitadelWallet

myCitadelWallet is a convenient way for players to get money into an online casino without having to worry about risking the safety of their credit card details. Since you can add to your balance just by logging into myCitadelWallet through the casino, your financial information never leaves the Citadel Commerce servers.

myCitadelWallet is also a full e-wallet solution, which means you can usually use it to withdraw out of your casino account as well. You may want to check with your casino's support beforehand to make sure this is permissible.

Disadvantages of myCitadelWallet

Like the case is with all e-wallets, the main disadvantage of myCitadelWallet is the time it takes to create the account. Although the actual registration process is easy, certification will take considerably longer to complete.

Depending on where you live, you may also be subject to fees for depositing into and withdrawing out of your myCitadelWallet account. Since most jurisdictions have multiple options, you may want to consider choosing the one with the lowest fees to ensure that you get the most out of your gaming bankroll.