Follow the trends with a "Hot and Cold" bonus from Slotastic

Follow the trends with a "Hot and Cold" bonus from Slotastic

If you’ve been playing the slots for a while, you know that all games seem to go through cycles where you just can’t lose! On the other hand, you can just as easily go for hundreds of spins without hitting a thing. Slotastic are now taking notice of these trends in their slots and giving you bonuses that you can use on the “ho­tte­st” and “co­lde­st” games of each month. Learn what games have made the cut this month, grab your bonus, and see if you can find which one is the hottest for you!

This month’s hottest game: Achilles


Out of all of Slotastic’s slots, no game has paid out players as much as Achilles this August. In fact, players have won a total of $300,409 just over the past 30 days! The trick to winning in this Trojan-inspired slot is the two free spins bonuses. The first is a simple 10 free spins round with a 2x multiplier, but the second can give you multipliers of up to 3x with more scatter pays. This feature can be hard to hit, but it looks like it’s been exceptionally generous this month.

Other hot games: Aztec’s Treasure and Hidden Riches

Aztec Treasure

Rounding of the “ho­tte­st” top 3 are Aztec’s Treasure and Hidden Riches, with total payouts over the past month of $259,929 and $150,027! Both games take place deep in the South American jungles where ancient relics and dangerous wildlife await. Aztec’s Treasure may be one of Slotastic’s oldest slots, but those six figures prove that there’s a reason players keep coming back for more. The game is most well-known for its stacked wilds and free spins bonus with a 3x multiplier: a classic combination, but one that can very easily churn out some big hits.

Hidden Riches

On the other hand, Hidden Riches is one of RTG’s newest titles. The game has been well-received for its two bonus features. The first is a Mystery Prize round that takes place on a magical stone wheel. The second is a traditional free spins bonus with a 3x multiplier. It’s clear that both of these features have been very kind over the past month.

This month’s coldest game: Penguin Power

Penguin Power

For a game that takes place in the Antarctic, perhaps it’s no surprise that Penguin Power has had the lowest payouts of the month at Slotastic. Unfortunately players just haven’t been lucky over the past few weeks with those black-and-white waddling critters! The game does have plenty of potential though: its free spins bonus comes packed with the chance at extra cash prizes on every spin.

Other cold games: Paris Beauty and Golden Glove

Paris Beauty

If you’re looking for other Slotastic games that haven’t hit big in a while, don’t forget to look at Paris Beauty and Golden Glove too. Each one has its own special bonus feature that can (and has) hit big when the time is right.

Golden Glove

Play them all with the Hot and Cold bonus from Slotastic

If you’d like to see which of these 6 games is hottest right now, make sure you grab your Hot and Cold bonus now at Slotastic. Details on how to claim the bonus should be available in your casino cashier. Feel free to contact one of their 24/7 customer service reps via live chat too. Hopefully you’ll find your next hot streak at Slotastic Casino!

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