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Interview with Evgeny Rush, Head of Product at BGaming

Interview with Evgeny Rush, Head of Product at BGaming - The Power of BGaming’s Drops Campaigns

AskGamblers keeps bringing valuable insights from people playing a vital role in the online gaming industry. In our latest interview, we sat down with Evgeny Rush for a quick but sweet Q and A session to find out more about BGaming and the mechanics they add to their games.

BGaming is one of the most prominent software providers in iGaming, and its games are loved and celebrated by players worldwide. This time around, we discussed BGaming’s Drops Campaigns in detail as well as some of its latest releases.

You can read the full interview below:

You are known to players worldwide for your exciting online slots. And now, you’ve launched BGaming Drops, focusing on player engagement and retention. Can you tell us what BGaming Drops is?

BGaming is always studying players, what they like, and what they want. And, of course, we want players to be really into our games as much as possible.

Keeping players interested and having them come back is critical for game makers and casino owners. It's cheaper to retain an audience who already likes your games than to find new ones, so it's smart to have retention strategies for sustainable growth.

BGaming Drops drive growth by elevating both the total bets count and the average bet size during a gaming session. These incentives make games more exciting, enhancing player engagement and motivation. Unexpected rewards make players feel valued, strengthening their connection to the casino and game provider and increasing the likelihood of their return.

Now, BGaming has Drops Campaigns built right in, and they're already doing well, even though they're new. We conduct regular campaigns on an ongoing basis, with each campaign featuring a distinct and exclusive concept. They give out enticing rewards to make players want to play BGaming’s games more often, thus boosting player engagement and retention.

What are the main benefits of BGaming Drops?

BGaming's Drops show how much we care about innovation and making things easy for users. Each campaign is designed for specific events and doesn't require operators to do any extra work. Players' prizes are automatically added to their balance, no matter what currency they use.

What makes BGaming Drops so popular among players are its randomizer and real-life leaderboard. These features make gaming more exciting, adding anticipation and fueling competition among players. What’s more, BGaming lets clients create their own custom campaigns with their own ideas and prizes, giving operators the freedom to do what works best for them.

For now, you’ve held 10+ promo campaigns, attracting over 250 participating brands, garnering engagement from 30% of unique users, and increasing BGaming’s average betting volume by 10%. That’s a remarkable feat! How do you see BGaming Drops progressing from here?

Since we recently launched BGaming Drops, we can't boast about quantity, but quality — yes, the results of completed campaigns are indeed satisfying — more than 1 billion bets placed in all campaigns, resulting in over a 10% increase in BGaming’s overall betting volume. For today, we have launched 10+ exclusive campaigns, including sponsorships from BGaming and our partners. 

And we're excited to introduce the BGaming Mega Summer Drop Campaign worth €100,000! The prize pool and reward amounts are carefully designed to be engaging and interesting for all player segments, based on a deep analysis of player activity in BGaming slot games.

As always, we're constantly improving; this time, in the summer campaign, we're unveiling updated features. One of these is the Drag & Drop Coin feature, which allows players to drag and drop coins across the screen for enhanced convenience, expanding the list of supported games. Another feature is the Qualifying Bet, which specifies the minimum bet needed to participate in a campaign.

For our future plans, we've introduced a subscription feature that lets players sign up for drop campaigns in advance. This will improve our analytics and give players the chance to join upcoming promotions ahead of time.

We're also enhancing the player dashboard, so they can view their history in drop campaigns and get details about upcoming ones. Additionally, we're developing unique gamification schemes to make the gameplay even more engaging. Stay tuned for more updates, exciting things are on the way!

You show no signs of stopping. BGaming Drops was a big launch, but your game production hasn’t stopped, and you’ve launched three games we’d love to talk to you about. What can players expect to find at OOF, the Goldmine Planet?

BGaming takes players on an interstellar journey with OOF the Goldmine Planet. This exciting game boasts features like 3D symbols, Sticky Wins, Scatters, free spins, and a Buy Bonus option. Players can enjoy a visually stunning experience with reels that create the sensation of speeding through space. The intricate cosmic symbols and dynamic soundtrack contribute to a thrilling and energetic atmosphere.

We continuously monitor market trends, and Sticky Wilds have proven to be extremely popular among players. That's why we've integrated Sticky Wins into OOF, the Goldmine Planet, and we're confident that this fresh feature will be a great success.

Chicken Rush is a fun game with a x5,000 multiplier. Tell us more about the game's key features.

Set in the Wild West, the fun online slot Chicken Rush features Wilds with multipliers, Coin Bonus symbols, a unique Bonus round, and three exciting Buy Bonus options.

The Bonus game introduces a unique mechanic where a Sticky symbol is randomly selected at the start. All symbols are hidden in wooden boxes, and with each free spin, the chosen Sticky symbol, multipliers, or an extra free spin are revealed. This adds an element of surprise and excitement to every spin.

We proudly release Chicken Rush, which lives up to its action-packed name. The creative Bonus game maintains the Wild West theme, with wooden crates replacing traditional symbols to enhance the fun and unpredictability.

The release date for Adventures was 28 May 2024, and from everything we've seen, the slot looks astonishing. Did you have anime fans in mind when you created this game, or can anyone play it and have a blast with it?

Thank you for the compliment! Anime served as a major inspiration for Adventures, our latest slot release. We aimed to break away from the conventional BGaming portfolio by infusing vibrant art and innovative mechanics into the game.

Adventures is a highly anticipated addition for us, marking our debut in the anime-style slot genre. Embracing RPG elements, we crafted four memorable characters embarking on a quest against three formidable beasts. With a dynamic cycle system, players can deeply immerse themselves in the adventure, eagerly unlocking the Bonus games guarded by each monster.

This game promises a thrilling and captivating experience. Though I won't spoil everything, I strongly recommend playing it to fully grasp its essence. Whether you're a fan of anime or not, Adventures guarantees exciting gameplay for all players.

OOF, Chicken Rush and Adventures are available for Drops campaigns. Will all the new BGaming games immediately be available for the Drops campai­gn?­ ­ 

Absolutely, you're spot on. Fresh titles such as OOF, Chicken Rush, and Adventures are part of the Summer Drop Campaign. Whenever BGaming rolls out new campaigns, we aim to promptly include the latest games. 

This ensures players get to try them out and have a chance to win top prizes in the Drops Campaign. All players still have the opportunity to join the Mega Summer Drop Campaign — so don't miss out! 

Thank you Evgeny for answering our questions and providing more insight into how Drops work and the company’s new games! 

If you want to check out new features and explore new BGaming releases, find your favourite BGaming casino and enjoy!