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How to Raise a Customer Complaint and Get an Efficient Resolution to Your Query

How to Raise a Customer Complaint and Get an Efficient Resolution to Your Query

Sometimes, online casino software can encounter a hiccup. Game glitches and your winnings are suddenly not there; more came out of your account than the deposit amount you intended, or you didn't get the required loyalty incentive due to a bug.

As a player, there may be times when you need to raise a query and get resolutions swiftly. Read on to find out what you can do about it and how best to get the proper outcomes and solutions.

What Should Be Included in Your Complaint

You should, of course, lay out the details of your problem when expressing why you want to submit a complaint. Give as much information as possible. Provide screenshots, date and time stamps and anything that may be pertinent to the issue you are experiencing.

Doing this helps your customer support agent or mediator team, such as the AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service - to help resolve your query as soon as possible and saves time with back-and-forth Q+A getting you to the point of resolution much quicker.

Manage Your Emotions & Set Expectations

Try not to panic. It can be upsetting when things go wrong. However, you need to keep your emotions in check and provide constructive details that help you obtain the fastest results.

Suppose you have chosen a reputable brand to engage with. In that case, you needn't be worried about dispute resolutions, as the iGaming industry is highly regulated and has very detailed terms and conditions for customers to which they are accountable for delivering.

Be clear and courteous with the customer support agent when you are connected. Remember, they are not there to be shouted at. Instead, when armed with all the correct information, they can quickly and efficiently help you resolve your queries and get you back on track, enjoying your experience again.

Also, set expectations on resolutions. Ask for the customer agent's name, take notes and ask for dates when the query or matter is likely to be resolved.

Keep a log of your transactions and conversations to measure the time to resolution, as this can be helpful when you escalate the problem you're experiencing further up the chain of command if the issue you're facing isn't resolved promptly.

The Importance of Providing Proof

The best way to do this is to screenshot the issue you have experienced, as this could help the development teams replicate a problem and solve it much faster.

You won't have to worry about that on a casino site, and you can take photos of every deposit you make and the funds you receive in your wallet as you go through the customer journey on the site.

Send anything relevant to your call centre agent and keep your login details handy so you can always access your account whilst on the phone or chat.

Keep confirmation emails on any deposits or wins, and learn to get comfortable with the weird hand gestures needed for the Shift-Windows Logo-S snipping tool. 

Be Calm and Professional

When submitting any complaint, you should be reasonable, not be afraid to ask questions and get details on when and how your issue can be resolved.

You also want to seem reasonable so that the people serving you have a reason to want to help you. Getting angry and overly emotional isn't going to help you get help. There's nothing they can do to resolve the matter then and there, and they may have to escalate up to senior management teams to review and approve.

These things can take some time to resolve in bigger corporate businesses, so it's essential to remain calm. You can stress your point and verbally express that you are angry or disappointed politely.

Remember, it's likely not the fault of the operator you're talking to then and there. And even if it is, we're all human: we can all make mistakes. 

Do Your Due Diligence on Brands Before Playing

Start by checking affiliate site reviews and customer review forums like AskGamblers, where customers share their experiences with brands for you to take note of. If others have had a bad experience with the brand you're looking into, chances are that they have told the story to a review site or forum. 

And, as you should whenever coming across a new casino, make sure it is licensed and regulated by your country's government authority. Offshore casinos will not offer you the same sort of protection, and you are more likely to fall into a scam that way.

Make sure you are protected by your country's regulator for a better chance of getting your money back in brand disputes.

Doing Due Diligence on Offers Before Depositing

Similarly, it would help if you looked into that casino bonus offer you spotted before you deposit, not least because there's likely to be a wagering requirement. That means you have to bet a certain amount before qualifying for the reward. So, you're not just "depositing £10 to get £20 to play with", you're depositing £10 plus as much money as it takes to bet as much as the wagering requirement before you qualify to receive your £20 to play with.

Read the terms and conditions of any offer to be sure this is what you want to do and that you know what will happen once you do. 

Ultimately keeping calm and providing accurate information and detailed visuals of what's happening will always help you resolve your queries quickly and experience better customer service too!