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AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service Annual Report for 2015

AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service Annual Report for 2015

It was a back-breaking year of tenacious efforts for the whole AskGamblers Complaints Team, but in the same time it was absolutely phenomenal, for we managed to break all our previous records.

After closely analyzing all the data we collected over the previous year, we have devised a thorough report. Read on and get some insight into the amazing results we have achieved including the total amount of money returned to players, top 5 resolved complaints with the biggest amounts involved, average time needed to resolve a complaint and some other interesting facts.

Casino Complaint Service in Numbers

During 2015 the AskGamblers Complaints Team has received over 3000 new cases, submitted by more than 2240 players against 520 different casino brands. Unfortunately, some of the complainants did not follow our Complaint Guidelines and we were not able to accept their cases. Nevertheless, we have processed more than 1600 cases and resolved the incredible 66,5% of them.

Finally, we ended up helping players to recover $1,7 million of unpaid, delayed and unfairly confiscated money, which added up to the stunning $5,3 million in total.

Front-runner: Payment Issues

Beyond any doubt, payments related issues dominated once again. Almost 63% of all submitted complaints were related to this particular complaint category, with delayed and declined payouts being the most frequent issues.

One would think that most of these cases refer to well-known, rogue casinos. However, to our greatest surprise, this was definitely not the case in 2015. Almost half of the accepted and processed payment related complaints last year were against absolutely legal and regulated casinos.

It’s vital to check the complaints history before joining a casino!

For this reason, we strongly encourage players to check the complaints history of any casino brand they intend to join and deposit with before registering. Otherwise, chances are they will meet the AskGamblers Complaints Team afterwards.

Players Need to Read Terms and Conditions

Approximately 4 out of every 10 complaints we got last year were referring in one way or another to players who failed to read carefully the casino and/or bonus terms and conditions. Even though there are operators who still tend to present their T&C in a literally undiscoverable way across their websites, many online casinos have worked hard to improve the visual and contextual representation of the house rules and make it easier for players to get familiar with them.

Unfortunately, many players simply prefer to skip reading the terms and thus put themselves into a risk of having their winnings confiscated.

We hope that mentioning this phenomenon once again will help all players reading this report to reconsider their attitude towards reading casino and bonus terms before joining an online casino and taking up a bonus.

AskGamblers Certified Casinos Have a Clean Slate

Just a bit over a year now, AskGamblers Certificate of Trust was launched and today we can proudly say that it is indeed an important testimonial of the casino’s reputation, overall quality of service, and whether the casino is a safe place to play at.

AskGamblers Certified Casinos strive to solve each and every complaint filed against them as soon as possible. What’s more, most have never received a single one. The overall success rate is stunning 98,72%. This high score speaks for itself and proves once again that AskGamblers accredited casinos are operating within a league of their own.

Top 5 Resolved Casino Complaints in 2015

As stated above, we have received thousands of complaints throughout 2015. We handled more than 1600 cases and managed to recover over $1,7 million of unpaid, delayed and unfairly confiscated money. 

On this occasion we have chosen to single out top 5 resolved complaints with the biggest amounts involved:

  1. 888 Casino - Delayed payment for $160,000 – Fortunately, for the player, his money arrived into his account within several days. The casino apparently needed a bit more time to process the payment.
  2. Casino Room not paying 57,000 Pounds – The player was denied her winnings based on the max bet rule that was almost impossible to find. In the end her persistence paid off and Casino Room agreed to pay the full amount.
  3. KingPlayer Casino - Requested $54000 withdrawal and they blocked my account for no reason – Player’s account was under investigation for over a month, but in the end he received his winnings. Unfortunately, the player managed to lose everything before he claimed his money.
  4. Golden Cherry Casino - Withdrawal Limit set to minimum amount, would take 100 weeks to get paid! – The main problem here lies within the casino’s attempt to withhold details on player levels and withdrawal limits. To make the matter worse at one point the player was unable to withdrawal any amount whatsoever. However, after a long hassle, player has managed to withdraw his money.
  5. 888 Casino - My withdrawal worth over 46K is still pending – A player has complained about a pending withdrawal. Unfortunately, we have never received an update from either party, but we believe that they have reached a settlement.

Casino Complaint Service Interesting Facts

A picture says more than words, so have a look at some of the most interesting facts that we have gathered during 2015:

AskGamblers Applied to Become an ADR Entity

Among other things, last year was also an important year of changes for the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) complaints handling procedures and policies. AskGamblers, as a proven mediator with enough experience and competence in the field of online dispute resolution services, took the opportunity and applied to become an official ADR entity.

We learned a lot within this process and met some really helpful people, so we would like to take this chance and thank UKGC for the given opportunity.

Looking Forward to Another Great Year

While summing up the amazing results we have achieved in 2015, we have already started 2016 fiercely. And if you have issues regarding any online casino listed on AskGamblers, don’t hesitate to file a complaint and our dedicated team of experts will do everything in their power to help you.

Moreover, in case you would like to have a glance at our previous results and learn more about our superb service, don’t hesitate to read our previous report AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service Report for 2009 - 2014.

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