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Why Multipliers Are Important in Online Slots

Why It's Useful to Have Multipliers in Online Slots

Multipliers! What are they and why do we need them? First of all, there’s nothing complicated about multipliers and if you’re a beginner you’ll soon learn how beneficial they can be. Online slots with multipliers basically give you the chance to increase you wins with a multiplier. You could double or triple your wins; some slots may even give up to a x10 multiplier. In short; they multiply your wins by a certain figure. As there are different kinds of multipliers, that’s exactly what we’re going to look at today.

What Are Multipliers?

Everyone loves to win and if you’re equipped with online slots featuring multipliers, you’re definitely on the right track. Whilst online slots these days come with exciting features, one of the most attractive ones you can set your eyes on is a multiplier. 

Multipliers carry the capacity to increase your wins and, while lots of slots have them, you’d be surprised at how many don’t too. So, if you’re looking for multipliers, it’s always advisable to check the game’s paytable first. 

Equip yourself with a slot featuring multipliers to win double, triple or even quadruple your wins.

Some multipliers in online slots are easier to understand than others and some games show you exactly how your wins are calculated, whilst others don’t. Some multipliers will increase your overall win, while others will work as a multiplier for your line bets and total bets. 

Base Play Multipliers

Multipliers in base game spins are not all that common. It’s quite rare to get slot machine multiplier symbols when you’re not in a feature or Free Spins, unless the game has a randomly triggered feature involving a multiplier of some kind. However, it certainly doesn’t mean you’ll never come across a game that doesn’t have them and it’s always a bonus if it does. 

If you are playing a slot with a base game multiplier, it will multiply your payline value with whatever the multiplier is. So, let’s say you hit a 5-of-a-kind that carries a x3 multiplier; you’ll win three times the amount shown on the paytable for that symbol. Overall, they’re pretty straightforward and you probably won’t come across them that often. 

Free Spins Multipliers

Free Spins multipliers - the most common kind! And, usually the most generous ones, too. When it comes to Free Spins multipliers they can come in all shapes and sizes. Some slot machines with multipliers will award you random multipliers, others will have a predefined multiplier. Some might even let you pick your own multiplier! Usually, the higher multiplier you pick, the less Free Spins you’ll get. 

Multipliers are often the one thing that will make Free Spins different from the base game and it’s also possible that the multiplier will increase based on how many wins you get. 

For example, if you were playing Microgaming's Mega Moolah Isis Slot, you’d enjoy a x6 multiplier during Free Spins. So, any wins you get will all be multiplied by 6 giving you the perfect chance for a dream hit regardless of your bet size. 

Scattered Multipliers

Multiplier slot machines can also have scatter symbols which double up as multipliers. If this is the case, scatters won’t need to appear on a winning payline. Instead, they can appear anywhere on the reels to form a win.

Multiplying Wilds

Multiplying wilds are probably the second most popular kind of multiplier you can come across and they’re a rather simple one. It’s quite common for a wild symbol to act as a multiplier, so let’s say you get a winning combination which includes at least one wild; that win will be multiplied by its multiplier depending on the game’s paytable. A common multiplier wild is x2. 

Slots with Big Multipliers

If after reading this, you’re eager to test out some multiplier wins, here is a list of some of the biggest slot machines with multipliers:

But whichever slots with multipliers you decide to play, you must remember that, while they’re there to increase your bankroll, it’s never a guarantee you’ll win big. Always consider all aspects of the paytable before you play any game. 

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