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Visit Fantastic Worlds With These Online Slots

Travel to Imaginary Worlds with These Online Slots

What if you could travel to imaginary worlds, places that only exist in books, movies or legend? Surely you’ve caught yourself daydreaming what it would be like to roam Camelot alongside the great King Arthur, ride into Valhalla with the fearless valkyries or fight pirates in Neverland. While we, sadly, can’t provide you with tickets to those fantastic realms, we can present to you our list of top 6 online slots set in fictional universes, where you can spin the reels and be dazzled by the slots’ incredible graphics, features and winning opportunities.

Avalon II Slot: Welcome to King Arthur’s Legendary Island

First stop on our fictional tour of online slots featuring imaginary worlds - the fabled island of Avalon where King Arthur had his legendary sword Excalibur forged. But, to be more precise, our stop is Microgaming’s extremely well known Avalon II slot, the sequel to the original - just as famous - Avalon slot. However, while the original Avalon slot is fairly simple in its design and features, Avalon II is anything but.

Namely, you’ve got your expanding wilds and bonus rounds, chances to win random multipliers and Free Spins, even pick-and-choose games and rolling reels - and every single special feature highlights an aspect of the Arthurian legend, be it the Misty Vale, Whispering Woods, Dusky Moors, Morgan’s Keep or the fantastic Isle of Avalon itself.

Shangri La Slot: Paradise on Earth

The mythical lamasery of Shangri-La was first mentioned and described in Lost Horizon, a novel by James Hilton in 1933. Since then it has become a place synonymous with paradise on earth. So, are you really surprised that on our journey to imaginary worlds we’re also visiting this earthly utopia via NextGen Gaming’s Shangri La slot?

Shangri La Slot

Apart from being able to visit an eternally joyous island, safely tucked away from the rest of the world, what this slot also offers is the possibility of the entire reels going wild, scatter wins getting multiplied or triggering the bonus feature with Free Spins, Super Free Spins and even more bonus games with up to a x100 total bet!

Asgardian Stones Slot: Norse Gods Await

Welcome to Asgard, one of the Nine Worlds, the home of Odin, Thor and great warriors slain in battle. While we’ll never truly be in the company of Norse gods, NetEnt’s Asgardian Stones slot is our unique chance to peek into this legendary realm and see what wonders lie in their midst.

Asgardian Stones slot

If you give Asgardian Stones a spin or two, you may land the Avalanche feature with exploding symbols, Colossal Crush with increasing multipliers, or maybe even Free Spins and all the while you’ll be in the company of some stellar graphics and design.

Queen of Atlantis Slot: Meet the Heart of the Ocean

Ah, Atlantis. First mentioned by Plato, Atlantis has since become the inspiration to numerous literary and cinematic works and to this day people love engaging in lively discussion whether Atlantis ever existed or, at least, strive to find out which real place served as its inspiration.

Queen of Atlantis slot

We can debate the city’s nature for the rest of our lives, but why not spin the reels of Pragmatic Play’s Queen of Atlantis slot instead? You’ll be pleased to hear that in this 1024 ways to win slot you can win dozens of Free Spins, Super Free Spins and even additional rounds of each. Not bad, huh?

Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot: It’s Gold Diggin’ Time

How could you ever go on a fictional place tour without visiting the much desired, much sung and written about El Dorado? Spanish conquistadors searched from Colombia to Brazil, desperately wishing for the city of gold and its legendary king.

Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot

Alas, El Dorado remains but a tale. Still, Microgaming’s Jungle Jim El Dorado slot is very much real! As one of the more popular Microgaming slots, here’s what you can expect from the game: Rolling Reels that allow for new symbols to continue to crop up, Free Spins and the Multiplier Trail with increasing multipliers. If you like medium to high volatility slots, make sure you give Jungle Jim El Dorado a go!

Rise of Olympus Slot: Join the Great Greek Gods

Our last stop for the day will be the mythical Mount Olympus, home of the Greek gods. While the actual mountain exists in real life, man hasn’t quite been able to have a face-to-face chat with Zeus, Hera or Aphrodite.

Rise of Olympus Slot

Luckily, Play’n GO’s Rise of Olympus slot will welcome you with open hands in all its incredible graphics glory! Apart from a stellar visual experience, this Play’n GO slot also offers special features, e.g. the Hand of God, where Greek gods transform non-winning spins into wins, Wrath of Olympus, triggered when the power meter is fully charged, and Free Spins with additional recharge!

Happy Trails!

Enjoy your journey to these fantastic, imaginary worlds, have fun playing their slot counterparts in online casinos, good luck and... don’t forget to tell us all about your unforgettable experience in our forum!

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